April 25, 2009

While I was away...

Dh and K had a great time together.

Day 1 - K got his first pet; guppies
It took a bit of convincing from dh that he did not need to open the tank or put hands in the tank to get up close and personal with the fish, and the fish did not really fancy being 'scooped' up by the net all the time.


Day 2 - Zoo and 'Macdolder' (Macdonald's) with dad and grandma


Day 3 - K and dh were on their way to the car when they spotted a cat stucked in a tree. K was absolutely thrilled by the sight of it and told the cat, "Cat come down."


Dh single handedly went swimming with K (without the helper), taught him how to hold his breath, while dunking his head at the water spurt. K then went on to dunk his head at every water spurt at the pool.


When father and son went for lunch together after their swim. K ordered his own food for the first time and assertively told the waiter he wanted to have spaghetti.


Day 4 - K scouted around for a pair of kid's sunglasses with dh and grandma. While waiting for his turn to play the toy at ELC, he got quite upset when another child hogged the toy and refused to share with him. He then tripped and hit his head on the shelf.

I still cannot figure out how the accident happened, thank goodness it was not a serious injury. Anyhow, K ended up with 3 new aeroplanes from ELC which helped to alleviate the 'trauma' he experienced.

Overall, I think dh did a good job and I noticed that K is closer to him, after spending so much time together these few days. When I asked dh how it was taking care of K these couple of days, dh made is sound like it was such a breeze.

I suppose it is just the ego talking.


the little prince said...

Wow....what a great job by daddy ya!!

If my hubby, he sure scream for help after one day!! :-)

Rachel said...

haha...daddies will do what they are best at. Bringing the little ones out when they are babysitting :)

KoLe said...

the boys had a great time!
they shd do it more often! so that you can have more ME time.

oh.. curious.. how did the cat come down from the tree?