April 10, 2009

Take me...me...

not the clothes!

That was certainly what K wanted to say when he posed for the camera, while I was busy taking pics of the clothes...


"I can smile for you..."


"Tilt my head a little for effect"


"Throw in a coy smile"


"Ta-dah...my signature smile!"
It's interesting how it can be so tough during the other times to get him to look at or stay still for the camera, when he is the subject.


Merryn said...

next time when u want him to be the subject, just hang a clothe over his head! hahahahaha... then he can tilt and pose as he wishes! so cute!

Tin said...

Haha... he's so cute... he wanted your attention :)

KoLe said...

oh.. is he for sale? :P
he will be a great model for your kiddy collection with that irresistable signature smile.