April 15, 2009

"Not yet."

"Not yet," is one of the many words K has recently learn to use.

He had so much fun at his playdate with Seth yesterday, until he was not willing to go home.
"Time to go home."
"Not yet," K said.
"10 more minutes and we will go home for lunch."
After 5 minutes, I said,
"5 more minutes, we have to go."

I was lucky that he was in one of his well-behaved, "willing to listen" moods, as he willingly took his toys and followed me to the door.


This afternoon, was a totally different story...

"Time to take your nap."
"Not yet, counting bears."


He kept himself busy for the next 10 minutes sorting the coloured bear counters that I recently got him .


"We can play again after you wake up from your nap." "Not yet," he repeated.

He gave me a grin and then said, "How much," then ran over and grabbed his the cash register toy and shopping trolley. He probably assumed that nap time could be postponed if he distracted mummy with another toy.

"10 more minutes, we finish 'scanning' the groceries, you have to go and sleep. After 5 minutes passed, "5 more minutes then we have to take your nap." "Not yet," he answered. After the 5 minutes ended, he took the toy register, put it into the trolley and push out to the hall. "Play here."

"Ok, time to stop now," was my reply, then for the next 5 minutes he sprawled himself on the ground and threw a tantrum. After a while, when he realised that his tantrum was not working, he stood up, walked towards his room and climbed into his bed.

Time is an abstract concept for K, and he seems to be finding ways to get around it. Maybe it is time to get a timer to help him understand the concept of time, especially when he does get a tendency to get angry/frustrated when I tell him that it’s time to stop playing.


Merryn said...

kids! hahahhaa.. i guess all kids are like dat lah! get him a watch. my ethan is wearing a watch now. each time u ask him what time is it, he'll answer 10 oclock. coz i told him 10 oclock is bed time. but then, he said 10 oclock, but still dont want to sleep! hahahahha..

Rachel said...

I tried the watch, K is not interested in wearing one. Besides he is too young to start to teaching him to read the time, alphabets+phonics is more of a focus now at this point.