April 17, 2009

More playdates, school can wait

I only live like less than 15 minutes away from the zoo, so I figured that it is about time I made the effort to get more mileage out of our 'Friends of the zoo' membership.

Lay Keng and I arranged for a 'zoo playdate' for Seth and K this morning and the boys enjoyed themselves tremendously. Like usual, K always gives his usual smile/smirk/grimace whenever he notices the camera. In fact, lately I don't even need to ask him to smile for the camera. I wonder when will he ever start to show his 'natural' smile.




It is such a blessing for K to have a friend who is of the same age, that lives so near us. The boys get along so well with one another, as the both of them have fairly mild temperaments (although K does get a little bossy sometimes). Having these regular get togethers will most likely mean that I do need to be such a hurry to start K in pre-nursery early next 2010.


After reading about how some blogger moms are having such a hard time settling their little boys into nursery, I am starting to re-consider if it will be really necessary to get K to start school in early January next year. It is so heart-breaking to hear about how the little ones are so sad to be left at school and wail for their moms. I don't know how I will be able to deal with that next year. Besides, K has not shown any signs of toilet-readiness, as he is totally not affected by a heavy diaper and have no interest in using the potty, no matter what I do to try to make him interested in a 'big boy' activity.

Probably school can wait, at least for the first 6 months of 2010. It will just mean more playdates with Seth, more time with Mummy in the mornings and toilet training can be postponed for a little longer.



Tin said...

Yup, I also thought school can wait. Will only let Kai go to nursery when he turns four next year.

Merryn said...

I sooo like the last pic! sooo nice! sooo nice! yeah, nursery can wait..

Chrystal said...

toilet training? "not yet." heh heh.

CaLi said...

Love the one-eyed aliens tee! Hahaha.