April 2, 2009

Come back terrific 2s

Don't want to eat if it is not something he fancies
Does mock vomitting whenever he goes into a crying fit/tantrum
Turns away when being reprimanded
Asks the helper to 'help' and 'carry' a little too often
Insists on doing the stuff that he had been told not to

I have a needy, rebellious, fussy 2 year old
What has happened to the sweet natured, want-to-please toddler?
Seemed to have undergone a personality change since he turned 2

Maybe I have been spending too much time on the computer
Losing my patience more often
The hiccups, the frustrations, are all getting to me
Never expected that setting up a site can be so frustrating
Now I just want to get it over and done with

I have to take a hint from the terrible 2
That life needs to get back to normal
No more computer time in the mornings and early evenings
These times should only be spend for playing and bonding
Then maybe there will be more recurrences of the terrific 2s


Tin said...

You know, I also feel so guilty like you when I spend too much time on the computer?

I'm also trying to balance... :)
I'm sure you can!

Merryn said...

so true... whenever he sees u doing something dat does NOT include him... that's when the terrible twos surfaces.. spend loving time with him, u'll see the angel in his eyes sparkling like a diamond... all he needs is ur love.. and attention.. give it to him.. u'll find pleasure in ur life again! :) u r a great mom, dun forget that..

4malmal said...

I have learned that the ONE sure formula that works for ALL tantrums, nonsense, misbehaviour is ATTENTION. They just needs loads and loads of it. And I am actually glad that it is just that simple:)
bet u must be working very very hard for your site. I agree that it is hell lot of work. Hang in there and all the best!