April 25, 2009

Busy for 45 minutes

All it takes is a piece of colour paper, a child safe scissors, a broom and a dustpan. And K can be kept occupied for a whole 45 minutes.

K's new milestone; cutting paper...while having his mouth open at the same time. And then using his broom and dustpan to sweep off the paper scraps from the floor.


Sometimes, it only takes a simple thing.


Angeline said...

Oh yes, all it takes is what seems 'boring' to adults to make a kid excited for a loooooong time....

did saliva drip occasionally?? *laugh* my boys did when they were this age.

nic said...

Good fine motor skills K has! :-)

Rachel said...

Yes, saliva did drip as well. Seems like our kids expectations are quite simple, when it comes to things that will entertain them.

Thanks! It's great that the activity can keep him busy for a long while.