April 25, 2009

Busy for 45 minutes

All it takes is a piece of colour paper, a child safe scissors, a broom and a dustpan. And K can be kept occupied for a whole 45 minutes.

K's new milestone; cutting paper...while having his mouth open at the same time. And then using his broom and dustpan to sweep off the paper scraps from the floor.


Sometimes, it only takes a simple thing.

While I was away...

Dh and K had a great time together.

Day 1 - K got his first pet; guppies
It took a bit of convincing from dh that he did not need to open the tank or put hands in the tank to get up close and personal with the fish, and the fish did not really fancy being 'scooped' up by the net all the time.


Day 2 - Zoo and 'Macdolder' (Macdonald's) with dad and grandma


Day 3 - K and dh were on their way to the car when they spotted a cat stucked in a tree. K was absolutely thrilled by the sight of it and told the cat, "Cat come down."


Dh single handedly went swimming with K (without the helper), taught him how to hold his breath, while dunking his head at the water spurt. K then went on to dunk his head at every water spurt at the pool.


When father and son went for lunch together after their swim. K ordered his own food for the first time and assertively told the waiter he wanted to have spaghetti.


Day 4 - K scouted around for a pair of kid's sunglasses with dh and grandma. While waiting for his turn to play the toy at ELC, he got quite upset when another child hogged the toy and refused to share with him. He then tripped and hit his head on the shelf.

I still cannot figure out how the accident happened, thank goodness it was not a serious injury. Anyhow, K ended up with 3 new aeroplanes from ELC which helped to alleviate the 'trauma' he experienced.

Overall, I think dh did a good job and I noticed that K is closer to him, after spending so much time together these few days. When I asked dh how it was taking care of K these couple of days, dh made is sound like it was such a breeze.

I suppose it is just the ego talking.

April 19, 2009

Father and son time

This coming week will be the first time (in 9 months since I left my full time job), that I will be away from K for a few days. Dh will be taking leave from work to spend time with K. I am glad to know that father and son will be spending some 'male bonding' time together, yet, at the same time can't help but feel a little worried about not being around for K.

To satisfy my 'anal tendencies' (according to dh), he has asked me to draft out a schedule for him to follow. I have told him that setting up schedules with a toddler is fundamentally useless, especially when it comes to playtime. But I have anyway, wrote out a long list of activities that dh can keep k busy with, including routines that he can refer to.

Daily routines have to be established, but activities are usually child-initiated. If I want K to do a certain activity, his attention span will last the most 10-15 minutes, unless it is something that he is interested in exploring for the day.

I suppose dh will just do what he is best at...bring K out and tire him out with outdoor activities. It seems that a visit to the zoo, swimming and taking the LRT/MRT, are just some of the morning activities dh have planned for K.

Anyhow, while I was typing the activities out in a list, I realised that K spends quite a bit of time in front of the TV:
12.00 p.m. - 1.15 p.m. - Lunchtime TV/DVD time
4.45 p.m - 6.45 p.m. - Evening google box time with Playhouse disney
7.30 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. - Dinnertime TV (usually watching whatever I watch)

That's a total of 4 hours and 15 mins or more, in front of the television everyday! So I have highlighted to dad that he needs to cut down on his TV time when he is with K, as he has a tendency to be a couch potato (which is his form of relaxation) at home. There have been times when I get dh to babysit K for a few hours in the morning/evening, I always return to dh with his eyes glued to the TV and K is sitting right next to him/tumbling on the bed/turning the room upside down, while dad has his eyes still glued to the box.

I really hope k does not become a coach potato when I am back on Friday...

April 17, 2009

More playdates, school can wait

I only live like less than 15 minutes away from the zoo, so I figured that it is about time I made the effort to get more mileage out of our 'Friends of the zoo' membership.

Lay Keng and I arranged for a 'zoo playdate' for Seth and K this morning and the boys enjoyed themselves tremendously. Like usual, K always gives his usual smile/smirk/grimace whenever he notices the camera. In fact, lately I don't even need to ask him to smile for the camera. I wonder when will he ever start to show his 'natural' smile.




It is such a blessing for K to have a friend who is of the same age, that lives so near us. The boys get along so well with one another, as the both of them have fairly mild temperaments (although K does get a little bossy sometimes). Having these regular get togethers will most likely mean that I do need to be such a hurry to start K in pre-nursery early next 2010.


After reading about how some blogger moms are having such a hard time settling their little boys into nursery, I am starting to re-consider if it will be really necessary to get K to start school in early January next year. It is so heart-breaking to hear about how the little ones are so sad to be left at school and wail for their moms. I don't know how I will be able to deal with that next year. Besides, K has not shown any signs of toilet-readiness, as he is totally not affected by a heavy diaper and have no interest in using the potty, no matter what I do to try to make him interested in a 'big boy' activity.

Probably school can wait, at least for the first 6 months of 2010. It will just mean more playdates with Seth, more time with Mummy in the mornings and toilet training can be postponed for a little longer.


April 15, 2009

"Not yet."

"Not yet," is one of the many words K has recently learn to use.

He had so much fun at his playdate with Seth yesterday, until he was not willing to go home.
"Time to go home."
"Not yet," K said.
"10 more minutes and we will go home for lunch."
After 5 minutes, I said,
"5 more minutes, we have to go."

I was lucky that he was in one of his well-behaved, "willing to listen" moods, as he willingly took his toys and followed me to the door.


This afternoon, was a totally different story...

"Time to take your nap."
"Not yet, counting bears."


He kept himself busy for the next 10 minutes sorting the coloured bear counters that I recently got him .


"We can play again after you wake up from your nap." "Not yet," he repeated.

He gave me a grin and then said, "How much," then ran over and grabbed his the cash register toy and shopping trolley. He probably assumed that nap time could be postponed if he distracted mummy with another toy.

"10 more minutes, we finish 'scanning' the groceries, you have to go and sleep. After 5 minutes passed, "5 more minutes then we have to take your nap." "Not yet," he answered. After the 5 minutes ended, he took the toy register, put it into the trolley and push out to the hall. "Play here."

"Ok, time to stop now," was my reply, then for the next 5 minutes he sprawled himself on the ground and threw a tantrum. After a while, when he realised that his tantrum was not working, he stood up, walked towards his room and climbed into his bed.

Time is an abstract concept for K, and he seems to be finding ways to get around it. Maybe it is time to get a timer to help him understand the concept of time, especially when he does get a tendency to get angry/frustrated when I tell him that it’s time to stop playing.

April 11, 2009

Charming Easter

"Last book for tonight," I said to K when we were reading his bedtime stories.
When I finished the book, he scrambled to the shelf to pick 2 books.
He picked up the first book, flashed me a dazzling smile and nodded his head.
"No more K, time to sleep." Although I have to admit that his proposition was rather hard to resist.
K tried again with the other book, this time, his smile was more charming than the previous one, and nodded with head with more insistence.
Of course, I did not fall prey to my toddler's persuasive 'tactics'.

Darn...where did he learn to do that?

happy easter 2009

Posing with 'Easter cookies+flowers', made by Nana

What he wants, what I want

I thought we should take a break from "child-initiated activities" and give "Mummy directed activity' another try today.

We did an alphabet activity with the letter M, with some pasting of marcaroni pieces and paper on the letter. I tried to demonstrate how to use the glue and my stubborn tot just went "me do!", grabbed the glue tube from my hands and insisted that he did it himself.

From how things were going for the next 15 minutes, epiphany hit me that Vygotsky's social development theory is only applicable to docile kids and not strong-willed ones in this instance.

After battling with the marcaroni pieces, glue and paper. We jointly completed the 'M' activity for the day.


At least at the end of it, he knows the letter and its phonetic sound. Despite being an 'active learning' activity, it is not exciting nor fun enough to get him interested. K sure gives a new spin to the words 'active learner'.

We will just have to re-visit 'M' for another day and maybe, 'mosquito masks' will be much more exciting for a tot. I am keeping my fingers crossed that school next year will have enough interesting activities to keep this tot interested.

This is just one of those days, that K just wants to do what he wants. And pretend play is all he wanted this morning.


Somehow, he equates going to the zoo = wearing a hat. So he told me he wanted to "go zoo" today, wore his hat and did his usual stuff around the house.


Wore the hat while waiting for his lunch

Wore his hat while having lunch
Some days, I have just got to go with what K wants.

April 10, 2009

Take me...me...

not the clothes!

That was certainly what K wanted to say when he posed for the camera, while I was busy taking pics of the clothes...


"I can smile for you..."


"Tilt my head a little for effect"


"Throw in a coy smile"


"Ta-dah...my signature smile!"
It's interesting how it can be so tough during the other times to get him to look at or stay still for the camera, when he is the subject.

April 6, 2009


After enduring through many late nights, potentially developing Carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as managing a cranky toddler starved for attention. The Closet Soiree shopping site is finally live!


April 4, 2009

Tending to the terrific twos

The terrific 2 is back once more,
when K spent the morning yesterday drawing with sidewalk chalk.
The highlight of the morning was surely clean up time.


Child-friendly 'floor cleaner'; Dettol hand wash was used.
I may be an advocate for my child's labour around the house,
but never so careless to expose him to toxic household cleaners
However, the fun had to end once he started giving himself a scrub down.


We started 'homeschool' again this morning,
since lately K has shown some interest in alphabet phonics.
It was a good 20 minutes of pasting truck stickers
dabbling with paint, making train tracks with thomas
and pasting the tape on T.


Until he fell backwards on his stool.
Seemingly, he forgot that he was sitting on a stool without a backing.
He bit his tongue, started bleeding from his mouth.
Being a brave boy as he usually is,
he only cried for a brief moment.
Grimaced when he moved his tongue around the mouth.
He then asked for ice cubes to suck.
I told him to stick out his tongue,
and saw two nicks on both sides of his tongue.
No panic, as my little warrior seemed unfazed by the injury.
He went back to his T activity,
until he fell on his backside and cried once again.
So much for the alphabet activity for today.

Dh was woken up by the commotion.
Went into a panic,
exclaimed that the biting of his tongue is not a small injury.
Showed me his tongue scars from a childhood injury,
and told me to call the p.d.

Found out from p.d. that bonjela will do fine,
But there will be a bit of stinging.
And also take note of fever that may develop during healing.

Had to go to a pharmacy to get bonjela
On the way stop by at McDs for lunch.
Dh and I figured K needed a treat,
afterall he needed a little respite,
from the trauma he experienced this morning.

At lunch, the terrific 2s prove he was back again,
charming the socks off 2 elderly ladies sitting nearby.
All he did was to make constant eye contact,
flashed his toothy grin and offered his fries.

First came the mini mentos,
Afterwards 2 pieces of preserved plums,
and the finale came in a big piece of coffee-cheese flavoured bread.

Without a doubt, I rejoice to the return of the terrific two.

Just when I thought I found a gem...

Lookybook.com is closed!

This is tragic. It is such a disappoinment.

April 2, 2009

Come back terrific 2s

Don't want to eat if it is not something he fancies
Does mock vomitting whenever he goes into a crying fit/tantrum
Turns away when being reprimanded
Asks the helper to 'help' and 'carry' a little too often
Insists on doing the stuff that he had been told not to

I have a needy, rebellious, fussy 2 year old
What has happened to the sweet natured, want-to-please toddler?
Seemed to have undergone a personality change since he turned 2

Maybe I have been spending too much time on the computer
Losing my patience more often
The hiccups, the frustrations, are all getting to me
Never expected that setting up a site can be so frustrating
Now I just want to get it over and done with

I have to take a hint from the terrible 2
That life needs to get back to normal
No more computer time in the mornings and early evenings
These times should only be spend for playing and bonding
Then maybe there will be more recurrences of the terrific 2s