March 9, 2009

Taking on a tot

It has been getting increasingly difficult to convince K to be a willing participant for his daily routines; especially when he needs a change of clothing, take his bath, brush his teeth or clean up before bedtime.

There will be a struggle every single time.

I found some solutions to reduce the struggles :

For bath-time, I am awaiting my order of some colour tints to make coloured baths (K is quite over the wonders of bubble bathes) and a new bath toy from Amazon.

To reduce battling with a stubborn tot to get him to change his clothes -
I have walked out of the house a couple of times, and he gets really upset when I leave without him. Hopefully he will soon realise the negative consequence of his actions.

To get a willing tot who brushes his teeth -
K now brushes his teeth, while standing on a chair and in front of a mirror. I suppose letting him see his own reflection, while his teeth is being brushed, helps him stay focused on the task.

Still haven't found the solution to get a willing tot to clean up before bedtime. K runs around the house, expects to to chased, and I literally have to pinned him to the ground, for his shirt to be taken off. one ever told me that being a mom will have countless days filled to the brim with inane problems such as these.


Merryn said...

look at it this way lah.. motherhood gives u a 'workout' that u'll never get unless u are a MOTHER! hahahaha.. K is such a good boy to keep mommy in such a good shape.. :)

4malmal said...

haha...everything HAS to be FUN!
I remember singing song while brushing teeth every morning so that Mal will brush and I put up cute hangers so that he would help hang up his own clothes after change!
Even now we have plenty of empty bottles in my bathroom so that Mal will keep himself entertained while bathing!
Parenthood does make us better person! at least we are forced to be creative ! HAHA

the little prince said...

Good job mummy, you are so creative!!

Angeline said...

isn't being a mommy just fun? cos' it makes you smarter and more creative!!! *wink*

what I'll do to a toddler who doesn't come as told:
I will hide something in my palm and go in the most excitable sound "Wahhh.... this is so fun, so cute, so nice..."
the curious one will just come...

in fact to handle a tot is to not DO WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO. So simply ignoring is the best. He runs, you stay put, be patient, he will come to you.... don't even talk to him, dun even look at him, just stay put.

mummymeow said...

Enjoy inane things like that Rach. One day he's gonna grow up and u will miss it :-)

Rachel said...

Merryn - that's a real positive way to look at things.

Rachel - Kids nowadays are so demanding, must be all that DHA that they are taking from the milk.
Whoever said that SAHM moms are not challenged intellectually?

thelittleprince - like what 4malmal said, motherhood forces me to be creative!

Angeline - I have tried the ignoring bit and it works. As for the other idea, K will come to see what it is but walk back out if the thing does not interest him.

Sarah - Time sure passes too quickly. He is almost 2 already! Not planning at all to have a little addition to the mummymeow's family?