March 6, 2009

"Play sand, play water"


When I asked K yesterday what he can do at the park, he replied, 'Play sand, play water.'

That surprised me, as he is still able to recall what we did the last time we went to Jacob Ballas Children's garden (which is almost 2-3 months ago).

He seems to be storing all that information in his little brain for that past few months and is finally able to utter the words with his recent vocabulary explosion in his speech. He surprises me everyday with new words, using them at opportune moments.

He requested for 'One more time', when I told him that it was time to leave the water fountain. Told me last week that 'Me upset,' coupled with a sad face when I refused him something. He wanted to 'Rinse hair' of the shampoo when he took his bath. Always tells us 'No talk' when Nana and I have a conversation when he is playing. When I ask him if he did something, his reply will be 'didn't'. And he tells me that he wants to 'Go school'.

We have many conversations together, he answers my questions and tells me short stories. His favorite is, 'Granddad catch lizard...Kyle.' (translation : the one where Granddad catches the monitor lizard by the tail and calls him to look at it).

Richard Scarry's 'Best Word Book' has been really useful to help increase his vocabulary. We have started reading some chinese books and he loves saying, 'Heavy, zhong4' and 'Light, qing1' when he holds things in his hands.

And to digress, after his frequent requests and demonstrations from me how to blow saliva bubbles, he has somehow learnt how to blow his own saliva bubbles. And whenever he does it, he has this mischievous glint in his eyes.


With his friend, Seth


Tin said...

Wow, that's a great deal of vacab!

Kai older than him is still very limited in his vocab... but I can see he is improving :)

thanks for sharing :)

Angeline said...

I think there is something magical about Jacob Ballas Children's garden, my kids can't forget that place!!!!

Cali said...

Where are my photos? Grrrrr.

Kristie said...

it looks like so much fun :) that's why he enjoyed himself so much!

4malmal said...

i think this is the most wonderful stage where everything is a novelty to them and when they start to understand the power of speech!
that was when my boy start using NO to me, it is very interesting to observe them :)

Rachel said...

Tin - Thanks to the book that we are reading for the past 2 months.

Angeline - Put any kid in a place where they can play sand, water and explore nature. I am certain that it will be unforgettable.

Kristie - I always have no problems getting him to change and leave the house when we are going to the park :)

Rachel - It is a very interesting stage indeed. I am really amazed by the new words that I hear from K everyday.