March 15, 2009

"Mr. Cane"

Mr. Cane had a special mention this evening, after a tiring week of dealing with an extremely stubborn toddler. When we were in the car making our way to Nana's house, I started this conversation to see K's response :

Mum : I think we need to get a Mr.Cane to be used at home.
K listens to the conversation and then shakes his head
Mum : Do you think I can get one from b.p. (shopping mall near our home)
Bel (my helper) : I think can find at b.k. road (market near our home)
Mum : Probably can ask Nana to buy one for us

I turned around and looked at K. He kept very quiet and tears welled up in his eyes. He looked out of the window and kept silent throughout the 10 minute car ride to my mother's house. For the rest of the evening, he is on his best behaviour.

My mom have taken out the cane a couple of times when K gets really wilful (on days that I am not with him). All she did was to whack the table and K will stop his misbehaviour.

I don't believe in using the cane. And I know it is quite cruel to use this scare tactic on him . But it's rather interesting to see how that the mere mention of the cane has that effect.


Tin said...

Hmmm... I'm surprise that the mention of cane also can scare him... maybe it is time I introduce Mr cane to Kai too! But I doubt it will work on him..

4malmal said...

i find this so cute...and so poor thing...
make me smile when I imagine how he looks like...all by himself :)
Maybe he thinking...why no one listen to what I have to say! haha

the little prince said...

So poor thing, listen to it already tear drop...actually not good to them as it frightened them and have impact to them when they little niece will cry in the middle of the night after heard the cane, not using the cane...pity her,,,

Rachel said...

Tin - I am trying not to bring up the cane if possible. Sometimes, I do get desperate when all other methods don't seem to work. Prob the most only whack the table to enhance the scare effect.

4malmal - The demanding toddler surfaces very often. Everything is all about "I want and I want it now!" I have to admit that this tactic is not the most preferred, but it does help temporarily.

the little prince - There needs to be a moderation. The cane cannot be used to hit the child, only used like a loud, stern voice when reprimanding the child.