March 18, 2009



I think the Singapore Flyer is such an overrated experience, but K thought otherwise, at least for that few minutes before he got into the flyer.

He was totally thrilled when I told him that he will be going on the flyer for his bday treat. He was full of anticipation and gave me that 'I want to go onto the flyer very badly look' and nodded his head, pointed to the flyer and said ,"Go flyer now".


When we got into one of the flyer's capsules, K asked, 'Move?' and he asked the same question a few more times. Dh and I had to answer, 'It is moving, but very slowly.' It seems the flyer was moving too slowly and that turned out to be some sort of an anti-climax for him.

The magnificant night view of Singapore view was surely not an attraction for a toddler, who was more in it for the thrill of the ride. The tot was probably expecting for the flyer to rotate similar to the speed of a merry-go-round and he got really bored after 10 mins into the ride.

Conclusion : $60.00 for the ride for 2 adults and 1 tot under 3 is not worth it. K would have probably enjoyed the bumboat ride along the Singapore river or the bus/boat from Duck tours.


"The flyer is so not exciting..."

Well, at least he got some thrills out of blowing out the candles from his little mickey mouse bday cake that evening.


This is what he did when we told him to make a wish. Although I am not too sure if he was indeed making a wish when he closed his eyes.


This the video of K in action while we sang his birthday song. The words that he said before the video ended was "One more time". We then sang the birthday song again and K got to blow the candles out for another 2 more times, before he was content to cut the cake.

Kyle is 2! from Rachel T on Vimeo.

This is just part 1 of K's birthday celebrations. He will have another party this Saturday with his grandparents, Uncle Nick, Yiyi and Uncle Ed. I will expect his future birthdays not to be simple affairs since everyone in the family are so enthusiastic to celebrate his birthday for him.

A random note to show how impressionable a toddler is. K recently surprised dh and I with this yoga-like stance, complete with "ta-dah!" while doing it. I suppose he learnt that from an interstitial from Disney Playhouse channel, which featured Jojo and Goliath from Jojo circus doing some mat exercises.

Ta-dah from Rachel T on Vimeo.


Merryn said...

just like us when we rode on the Eye of Malaysia and then now the Eye of Malacca.. soooooo boring i tell you! but not that expensive commpared to what you are paying lah! happy birthday again Kyle!

the little prince said...

Yeah..its a bit boring up there...shall bring some toys for him to play then!

Rachel said...

Merryn - It is really overpriced. I assume that there will be quite a number of post-payment dissonance after taking the ride, if these people are like me...expecting more excitement out of it.

the little prince - hb and I were initially thinking of bringing his bday cake. However was glad that we did not, as there was not much privacy in each capsule since we were sharing the ride with random strangers.