March 20, 2009

A book a day chases the boredom away

I love to read. And I hope K learns to love books as much as I do.

I was overjoyed when I realised that K loves being read to. Every day, he will ask to 'read book' and it has become a routine for him before bedtime. Each time, he gets to pick a book that he likes from his bookshelves and always will ask for 'one more time' and scrambles down his bed and will quickly pick up another book from his bookshelves.

I prefer to shop online for K's books.

Borrowing from the library just does not cut it at this point, as K always want to read the same books for a certain period of time. And I always end purchasing the same book from Amazon.

Getting 30+10% off books, once in a while, as Border's preferred member, does not convince me either to visit the local Border's bookshop regularly. One gripe that I have with Borders is that it is extremely difficult to find the books I want. There is a huge selection of children's books at Borders, but somehow with their inefficient cataloging system, it is almost impossible to get hold of the titles that I prefer.

Recently discovered these really cool online sites that come in handy when I don't want to spend time browsing in the library or Singapore's local bookshops. Lookybook is this really great site that lets you look at children's picture books from cover to cover, all at you own pace. This site lets you pick a book listed in their bookshelves, browse the words and pictures on every single page of the the book that you select. No more making the wrong assumptions on the right book to buy online! A site started by 30-something Australian mums to help people choose books for the children. The site gives factual reviews and personal recommendations of numerous children picture books.

Reading the reviews from these sites, I recently got these books for K that have resulted in zero post-purchase dissonance;

Alphabeeps by Deborah Person
An alphabet book that brings together K's interest in vehicles and my interest; to get him interested in the alphabets. He loves the book and has learnt to recognise a number of alphabets from this book.

One Boy by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
A clever die-cut book exploring counting and words, blending together art and imagination. Yiyi previously got this for K from the same author Black! White! Day! Night! - A book of opposites and he enjoyed it thoroughly. So when I saw it on lookybook, I knew K will like this book. He especially likes the part about '10 ants' - '10 ants in my pants' since he has recently acquired a love for catching ants.

Toilet tales by Andrea Wayne Konigslow
A humorous tale on why animals should never use the toilet, when toilets are meant for kids.
I am subtly trying to get the message across to K that he should start considering using the potty soon. I have to use books to help as I have a strong-willed toddler does not takes it well when he is forced into doing anything. The last thing I want to do is to turn him off toilet training altogether.

How to heal a broken wing by Bob Graham
A book that teaches empathy and compassion. This book has few words but plenty of illustrations which allow for further discussions and intepretation. K gets completely intrigued by the storyline and the pictures.

In the meantime, K does not show any signs of getting sick of these 2 classic books (which I bought a couple months back) anytime soon. He requests for this Richard Scarry's book to be read to him at least once a day.


Hurray! Looks like I may be on my way to raising another reader in the family.


Merryn said...

wow... those looks like really good books! good for u n good for K!

the little prince said...

Thanks for the website recommendation

nic said...

Thanks Rachel for sharing those good sites!

Kristie said...

it will be great if K inculcates good reading habits from u!

KoLe said...

Hi rachel, thanks for sharing.
I have long given up on borders kiddy section.
messy. messy. messy.
kino is my preferred choice.

Angeline said...

like mommy like son.
it runs in the blood.
those are really good book reviews... and I bet it was your story-telling skills which made your boy kept asking for more.... *wink*

Rachel said...

Merryn - there are even more good books on the lookybook site. Not such a good thing for someone like me who enjoys internet shopping :)

the little prince and nic - my pleasure :) hopefully this sites will be useful for u as well.

Kristie - I hope so too. As long as K likes reading, I suppose learning how to read or studying may not be so tough for him to pick up as well.

Kole - I still have to say that the 30+10% off is a very good deal. Pity about their mess instore. Does Kino have this sort of deals for their members as well?

Angeline - Will need to have good books to start up with, to heighten the storytelling effort. All thanks to those new sites I have discovered online...I love the internet!

Wonderful Life said...

ooo... I think my boy will love the alphabeeps book. I'm not a book worm but I do hope my child will be one when he grows up!

Karen said...

Wow! Looks like you've got some really nice books there. I shall chk out the site too. I enjoy shopping at the book shop but its true that it takes alot of time and patience to get the right ones. The library is a good source too.

Am now trying to read to him Chinese stories (which are not easy to find)too. At first he was totally not interested but lately, he is beginning to enjoy a few of them. said...

Thanks for the link to our site - we're honoured to be mentioned!

popuri said...

Hi Rachel,
here's one more to add to your list.

Since you're into child education. Have you heard of this?

check it out!

Rachel said...

Wonderfullife- I am sure, since Ryan loves cars as well!

Karen - I always find it hard to find suitable books in the library. Most of them are rather wordy and seem more suited for 4 yrs and above. Any recommendation for good chinese books? I get them from popular most of the time.

Katie - Thanks for dropping by. Your site is fab, I am glad to recommend it as it is a great resource.

popuri- i have checked out the home library before, the selection is rather limited and prices are steep compared to Amazon. It is managed by a local mom isn't it?
As for childlight, it is a good resource for moms using the Charlotte Manson edu theory. Good for homeschooling kids with a christian education.