March 27, 2009

Diet : Noodles only

K told me yesterday at lunch time that he, "Like noodles, don't want rice." And then decides that he had quite enough of the food on his plate after 2 mouthfuls.

After numerous battles at the dining table with a toddler, I have learnt to choose my battles wisely.

Since K has no qualms to share his preferences about his meals, and giving him a wide variety does not seem to keep him interested in food...

So it will just be Marcaroni, Hong Kong noodles, Spaghetti, Fish noodles, hokkien noodles, prawn noodles moving forward.

Any other tasty noodle recipes to share with me?


Nic said...

buckwheat noodles in bonito sauce, udon in miso, "dou qian", "mian xian"(chinese)... :-)

4malmal said...

Malcolm was and still is a noodle bucket! they are the boss, we are the servant...heehee and I am sure he appreciates mummy for listening to him :)

Karen said...

HI Rachel

You can try Udon stir fry with Fish or chicken (a little soupy will be nicer...the the hor fun style) or Udon with Mince Beef sauce.

Rachel said...

Thanks Nic and Karen for sharing the ideas.

Rachel - Tell me about it. It's not easy to 'serve' the little ones!