February 21, 2009

Toddler science and cooking


K had his first foray into a toddler's science experiment; melting ice.

I made plastic bags of ice and ice cubes and place them in his water table. K exclaimed, "Ice heavy...cold...hard!" while he moved the big block of ice around the table.


"Oh melting ice!"

He was intrigued when I pointed out that the ice was melting, shrinking in size and turning into water. He seemed to have understood when all the ice melted into water, and remarked, "No more ice, ice melt".


And as always, he will end up drinking some water from the water table. Did not helped that I said "Don't drink!" countless times. Then I recalled reading that parents should say things that they want the toddler to do, instead of not do, as they have a tendency to miss out of the "don't" part of the instruction. So I tried, "Water dirty, can play with water only," And that was much more effective. Note to self : don't use don't

Of late, K has become quite helpful. He often offers, "Me help," when he sees me cleaning or taking things. And he has to be given the chance to help, or he will get upset.

Got him to help to make his own lunch yesterday; pizza. As this is his first time helping me make his own food, I was so happy to see him focused in doing his task well and not make a mess at all.


1. Putting the tomato sauce


2. Adding the barbeque chicken


3. Topping it up with onions, then cheese

He then watched the helper put it in the oven, wanted to "see" the pizza baking every few minutes. And I could see the look of satisfaction when he readily chomped down every piece of pizza that he was given during lunch.

Something I have learnt from this; what he helps to prepare, he eats. So guess I will have an additional cook at home from now on.


Kristie said...

wow his pizza sure looks yummy! :)

ya very true, when u make ur own food, esp for kids, u tend to think it is even more yummy heehe!

Merryn said...

i agree on the part of enjoying ur food more when u cook it urself.. ethan does dat n he enjoys eating everyday.. he even knows what he is eating!

i often tell ethan No No NO with fingers going left n right when he is doing something naughty n now whenever he wants to do anything naughty, he will first say No No No No with finger action.. n then not do it.. but with daddy, he will do it.. coz daddy always spoil him to pieces. hehehe.

Chrystal said...

Hey hey! My friend wants to know where you got the water table. It's really inspiring to read your blog and see that you're applying what you learnt!

Please take care of yourself, now that you also have to manage another baby (ur home biz). =)

Angeline said...

yes dear! that last sentence is soooooo true, and yet I took so long to realise... I could have saved alot of trouble handling some issues.... *sigh* better late than never I guess....

*I've got a tag for you http://allaboutyourchild.com/tags-meme/photo-meme

Rachel said...

Kristie - K sure thinks so too. Have to learn more tricks to get a fussy toddler to eat.

Merryn - You are so lucky that u don't have a fussy toddler when it comes to food.
Ethan is so intuitive to know who will allow him to get his way at home :)

Chrystal - Are u Chrystal my cousin or my ex colleague? Seen your comment the last time, but wasn't too sure. Thanks so much for your kind concern :) So far taking care of K and the biz have been exhausting, but I am seriously having the best time of my life.

Btw, I got the water table from Early Learning Centre in Paragon. Quite ex but very good investment (according to K).

Angeline - Yes...everyday for a mom is a learning experience. Do u get your boys to help you in the kitchen when you cook now? If so, I think their future wives will be very grateful to you for training them :)

4malmal said...

they just love helping out, don't they :)

Rachel said...

4malmal - Yes, really got to enjoy it while it lasts. Probably in another 10 years, they will stop being so enthusiastic about helping.