February 7, 2009

Hold his own

K is quite funny to watch. Lately, he is into carrying things. Whenever we leave for Nana's house, he has to carry something in his hand. On wednesday, just when we were stepping out of the house. He turned to look at me, glanced at the bag I was carrying and said 'Mama, take bag.' He walked back into the house and emerged with this in his hand...


We walked all the way to the carpark with him holding onto his medical kit.

For the last 2 days, he has been taking this...


He pulls it like a luggage bag with trolleys and walks the whole 250 metres from our block to the carpark.

This morning while waiting for Nana's car, K spotted one of his favorite things;


...and he dragged his plastic golf along with him while running after the cat.


His victim was really quite tramatised by the aggressive toddler and the noisy thing that the tot was dragging along with him.

Well, looks like K have understood the concept of keeping a tight grip on his personal belongings.


Angeline said...

he is learning 'responsibility' at the same time as he is tasting what it is like to have something that called his own.... in fact, when his little hands a grabbing on something, he gets security... *smile*

Merryn said...

he sure learns well.. hahaha.. now u can rest assured he wont loose his stuff.. :)

4malmal said...

so cute!
don remember my boy doing that though
except maybe for his legos
he packs his own toys everytime we go on a trip :)

Rachel said...

Angeline - He can be quite possessive over his own things sometimes. Need to be cajoled into sharing them.

Merryn - So far it only applies to 'the flavour of the month' :)

4malmal - The little ones prob only hang on really tightly to the stuff that they are crazy over.