February 15, 2009

"Eat More"

When K refuses to eat his food,
I say "You must eat more, so that you will grow tall and can reach the pedal of the bicycle / buy new golf clubs / eat ice cream."

Now when he sees a bicycle riding past, he nods his head, gives me the 'I got to have this bike very badly look'. And then says "Eat more".

When he tries to press the lift's button and cannot reach it, he looks at me and says "Eat More"

When he sees another kid eating ice cream, he nods his head, gives me the 'I really want to eat the ice cream' look. And then adds "Nex Time," followed by the words "Eat more".

He sure knows he needs to eat more during his mealtime. Well at least his spirit seems to be willing, but somehow the flesh is weak.


Kristie said...

K is so cute when u mentioned that he sounds upset :) he is clever! boy u have to eat more ok!

Tin said...

He is so cute and adorable... with all those head nodding and "eat more" resolutions!

Karen said...

hahaha....your boy is sooo adorable. I can imagine those words coming from him with the expressions. That's exactly the same tactic I used with mine. It works!

shuey said...

I can imagine the facial expression when K nod his head. :)

Rachel said...

Kristie, Tin, Karen & Shuey -
I always have to stifle my smiles when he show me the expression. Makes me wonder if I should change tactics to get him to eat, cos he seem to understand "eat more" but not motivated enough to actually do it.

mummymeow said...

That is so cute. I can just imagine it.