February 13, 2009

Checklist for homeschool

For the past 1 week, I have been really tied up with home business and have not been spending much time with K. Now that I have started to re-organise my schedule to include managing the home business, there needs to be more thought placed behind the organisation of activities for K's home school.

K has been spending most of his time doing unstructured play. Since I am a mom who thinks that a child learns best through play, I do not take pride in rote learning. Thus I am not worried that K who will be turning 2 in mid March, cannot recite the alphabets from A-Z or numbers from 1-10.

Just finished reading this book "Child of our time - Early learning". I am further convinced that it is even more essential in this day and age, that a child learns to be resourceful, creative and flexible. And home life needs to be the key catalyst to nurture the child in those areas, and help develop his love for learning.

According to this book, there are a list of important things that parents can do to help their children ease into pre-school and help them do well in primary school and beyond. It is not rocket science but definitely a practical checklist for developing K's home learning environment.


Tin said...

Hi Rachel,
just a feedback in case u are not aware - i only can see the last few sentences of your first post. Thought it was a temporary problem, but seems to be true for all my visits here recently. But anyway, can still read after the post has been shifted below the first. So I can still read your archived posts... :)

Could it be due to the new template?

Rachel said...

Tin - Thanks for your feedback. I have been having problems with the new template since I installed it. Decide to customise my own header, and have reverted to a generic blogger template. Hopefully all is ok now.