February 13, 2009

Bah...Valentine's day!

I am boycotting Valentine's Day, or rather the consumerism of it.

I refuse to celebrate it or buy anything for dh (hope he is not planning anything).

I wonder among the lovebirds rushing for dinner reservations and floral arrangements, does anyone know why St Valentine is celebrated with teddy bears and heart-shaped greeting card?

This day Feb 14 was set by the Catholic church to commemorate the life and sacrifice of St. Valentine, a bishop likely in third-century Rome, who was publicly beheaded for refusing to denounce the name of Christ. It was not until the 14th century, where Geoffrey Chaucer incorporated St. Valentine's Day into a love poem, that was when it become linked to romantic love.

It is still an opportunity to express your affection to those you love, but not be beguiled into spending more money on that bunch of roses or another gift.

Dh can surprise me with flowers any other day. Getting flowers on Valentine's just so bah...


4malmal said...

hey Rachel, thanks for enlightening.
your husband is one lucky guy!
save him from burning a hole in his pocket :)
Happy V day to you and your hubby !

Kristie said...

yes i agree with u.. in fact i always tell my hubby not to get flowers... firstly it is damn expensive, secondly it is not practical at all! :) better save money for something else!

Angeline said...

I wouldn't say I boycott celebrating... we just don't celebrate after being together for first year! so we haven't been in the frenzy for a decade now!!! *wink*

Rachel said...

4malmal, Kristie and Angeline -Seems like we are all very practical people. So all the hubby-s are very lucky to have us as their wives :p