February 10, 2009

Almost everything


Looking longing at the waterplay area in Kidzworld on Sunday afternoon.

All I said to him was, "We did not bring your swimming costume, cannot swim today." K answered wistfully, "Nex time"...and did not move an inch from where he was standing.

While playing with the phone in Nana's house this evening, he dialled 999.
We only discovered that he dialled the number when they returned the call to check...Nana ended up apologising profusely for her grandson's innocent mistake.

Nana raised her voice at him, "K, you cannot play with the phone anymore, you called the police just now."

He pouted his lips and tears form in his eyes, he signed "Sorry..."

K may be a toddler with little words, but he almost understands all that we say to him.


Tin said...

K is so sensible for his age... :)

shuey said...

He understands all you said. :)

Rachel said...

Tin - These are the good days, which I am looking forward to more of. There is still the 'terrible two' days that never fail to wear me out.

Shuey - Yes I think he does...I am just hoping for his linguistic skills to catch up soon enough.

Kristie said...

so cute... :)