February 14, 2009

Adjectives and Play


He thinks that this is a "cute pig", then goes to kiss the piggy bank right on its pink nose.

He also lets me know if he likes the book. Usually it comes with a nod of approval and he will say "nice book".

K has discovered the usefulness of adjectives...and sure isn't shy to express how he feels about things.

As for his symbolic play experiences. At certain times, he seems to be able to use objects that are different in form and function from the object represented in play. I have found it quite amusing to watch him indulge in pretend play. Some examples;

- Playing make believe car, running around the house, with both hands on an imaginative steering wheel and making 'zoom' 'zoom' sounds. And he will 'drive' to destinations like the zoo, birdpark and Nana's house.
- Using his rubber mat as a 'swimming pool', jumping into the water and tossing his beach ball around. Then using his wooden stick as the shower head and puts it over his head, accompanied by the 'Swish swish' sound. Then he proceeds to use the remote control as the hair dryer.
- Holding the bell, shaking it vigorously and says aloud "Sell food". Then pulls out his kitchen set and starts dishing out 'food'. When I ask him how much, he tells me '6'. When I say it is too expensive, he answers '2'.
- Choosing a book from his home library, bringing it to the piano, makes a 'beep' sound and then says, 'Auntie, how much.'

Most of the time he does not like to play by himself, he will always says 'Mama do...', and I will have to assume a role in his dramatic play. K can get pretty demanding; I have to jump in the 'pool' with him to 'swim' together, follow him in his 'car', buy 'food' from him and be the cashier 'Auntie'.

He has been spending alot of time in functional play as well. Some of the activities that he enjoys :

1. His one man band. He loves the sound of the drum and will always say 'Boom, tac tac tac' after the word 'Drum'


2. He is still extremely found of his trucks and has started creating scenarios with his trucks


3. He likes to clean up. This 'jeep' was a hand me down from Uncle Nick (probably has been around for more than 15 years) and been left in his room to collect dust. When I pointed out the dust in the jeep, he was curious and wanted to clean it up. I passed him a cotton bud and he got very engrossed the next 10 mins cleaning out the dirt in the jeep.



4. He loves spending time at his water table. I think it is probably one of the best 'toy' that I have got for K. There are endless ideas to how this table can be used for water play. In this instance, I threw in some bottle caps and handle K a wire mesh ladle. And he told me that he wanted to 'catch fish'.


5. The 'fishing activity' managed to keep him busy for almost 45 minutes. Then it is back to typical toddler behaviour; splashing in the water and getting himself all soaked from head to toe


Despite getting all wet, he was only too pleased to show me how happy he was with the morning's water play


Needless to say, every water play activity always ends up with K helping to clean up.


Kristie said...

kyle is so cute.... btw, where did u get the water table, it looks fun! :)

Tin said...

K's play time at home is so well-spent and meaningful. You have so many play activities and ideas. You are doing great!

Angeline said...

that jeep is a gem!!!! *laugh* my boys are car crazy too, they can make good friends *wink*

I've never seen that water table before...so cool!

mummymeow said...

Hi rach, happy valentine's.Kyle is really growing up good. Haven't been dropping by due to workload...how's ur business? Congrats on that!

Rachel said...

Kristie - I got from this shop known as the Early Learning Centre in Paragon Shopping Centre in S'pore. I am not sure if they have one in Malaysia.

Tin - Thanks Tin. I guess entertaining K is part and parcel of the decision of being at home for him. Having to refer to early childhood/parenting books do help with some ideas.

Angeline - Oh your boys love cars too? Most boys seem to have this inclination towards vehicle toys.
The water table also doubles up as a sand table as well.

Sarah - Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you too. Have not been seeing updates on your blog...how are the furry ones? Business results have been heartening, considering I am only in my first week and don't have a proper online shop yet. Also enjoying this opportunity being a clotheshorse as well :) Do let me know if you see anything that might suit you from the blogshop's collection.

mummymeow said...

Hi Rach, have been busy with work. So much so that i feel like not blogging anymore as i don't have the time or mood due to all the work. Eyes also tired. Sure, i will look around your shop. So enterprising and inspiring!

Rachel said...

Sarah - no wonder I have not been seeing any updates from your blog. Isn't JT already back from maternity? Must be tough on you to be holding the fort with her absence...hang in there.

Kristie said...

thanks rachel, i think they do have one here, but it might costs a bomb ya? :)

Rachel said...

Kristie - Yes, the table is expensive. I mulled over it for quite a while before deciding to purchase it. But K can play with it for quite a while 2-6 yrs old..which I considered it as a long term investment.

Leonny said...

Hi! :)

Love those photos! Especially the one with the water splash! :)