January 28, 2009

What is the chinese new year like for Mr. 22 months

K tried his hand at prawning on the 2nd day of lunar new year, but was not too thrilled when he came face to face with the prawn...

Most of the time, K was eyeing the prawns suspiciously and refused to let any prawns come near him.

When we visited grandpa and grandma in the evening. K found a new friend; the PSP handheld, and was hoping that uncle Jo will just lend it to him, even just for a little while.

K have shown that he can take a better picture than his dad (sometimes), judging from these 2 pics he took at Grand pa's house.

When he visited Godpa's family the next morning, he displayed his sensitive new age guy traits when he blatantly ignored what Dad and Godpa said, "Don't play with girls' toys. " Needless to say, he enjoyed himself when he played cooking and caring for baby doll with Rae-anne.


4malmal said...

love the touch up u've done to the pic :)
happy moo year to u and your family. I have to say it again, K is so cute!

CaLi said...

Aye... Uncle Jo's handheld is a DS Lite, not a PSP! Very different! Haha.

And meanwhile, thanks for not posting the fat photo, but the one you actually posted WAS taken by baby k's daddy.. haha. :)

CaLi said...

P.S. Remember to send me photos.. including those from like Nov lor!!

P.P.S. "Me do... me do..." Wahahaha. Huggles and kisses to baby and see you soon!

the little prince said...

Something different for K this CNY...

Did he end up 'play' with the prawn or 'eat' the prawn!! :-)

Interesting that K like to play the 'girl' toys!! It show that he will be a great man that take care of the lady!! :-)

Rachel said...

4malmal - Gong Xi Fai Cai to you and your family too :)

Cali - DS Lite or PSP, same to me. They are terrible things for kids to get addicted to anyhow.

the little prince - K was quite scared of the prawn, refused to play with it.
I try not limit only gender stereotype toys to k. He gets to play with cooking toys, mops, brooms, dress up etc. I did not buy him a doll, cos he gets to play it anyway when he goes to his female friend's house. Plus I am not too comfortable with him having a doll. Overall by letting him to play with 'girls' toys', I want to bring across the concept that men can help with the household chores at home and take care of baby.