January 31, 2009

Uggs are still in

...according to K, worn in the house.
"Ugging" around the house with his pair of Uggs, recently bought by Dad from Perth.


4malmal said...

I LOVE UGGS! but I doubt I can look this good in them!
he is so darn cute! esp the first pic!
remind me of some french chicks !

Merryn said...

err.. uggs? wat's dat? the boots? first time hearing it.. i must have been leaving under a coconut shell all this while... hehehe..

Angeline said...

Soooo nice!!!
What's the difference between UGGS and boots?

Rachel said...

4malmal - You still have an excuse to wear them as it is still cold in Paris and I am sure you will look good in them :)

K can only wear them when playing dress up, not practical going out in Spore's weather. Also cannot get away wearing it anywhere once he is over 10.

Merryn, Angeline - Ugg are sheepskin boots. Usually worn for practical reasons in winter, since it is quite warm. However have become a fashion accessory for some people in Hollywood, wearing them with everything from skirts to jeans.

KoLe said...


Karen said...

Oh dear! This is so cute!I like them too myself but never thought its quite suitable here in Singapore. Moreover, it will just make me look shorter than I already am. hahaha. But they do look really nice on tall ladies and cute on toddlers. :)

Rachel said...

Kole - If only I can carry off Uggs looking cute like that with my short legs.

Karen - Agreed, the little ones can get away looking cute with uggs but not people with a bit of a limitation in the height department :)

Anonymous said...

Hi is there any shops that sells Uggs in Singapore that u know of?