January 7, 2009

Obsessions and distractions

One of K's major obsessions is my digital camera. He can spend a long time taking photos of things around him and then view the pictures repeatedly. These pics below were taken when I told him to, "Why do you take some pictures of your room."

After a while I notice him giving his 'smile' while holding onto the camera...
Upon a closer look, I discovered he was in fact smiling into the camera and attempting to take his own picture. Somehow, someone managed to figure out a way to snap his own pictures.
When I went through the pictures in the camera, this was what K took of himself;

Not really a flattering pic. But that did not seem to bother him at all. After hogging the camera for the next 5 minutes, exposing his eyes to countless number of flashes, I told him it was quite enough and had to stop. I had to pry his fingers off the camera one by one and braced myself for some toddler tantrum antics.

That was when I had to think of other distractions...Painting on the wall seem to work for the next 15 mins,
Thereafter, he wanted to do everything else except paint. He much preferred emptying all the paints onto the palette and pouring the water on the newspapers. A big hint to let me know that he was not really in an artistic mood.

The next distraction had to be introduced: the water table

Which kept him happily occupied for the next 1 hour, until the next obsession...

Gogglebox entertainment during lunch; his Little Einsteins DVD, which has been showing its reruns this week for the 20th time. I can almost memorise all the songs and the lines in the 3 episodes featured in the DVD. It is interesting how he seems to enjoy familiarity.

As for my distractions? Which include these books I am reading the past 2 days.

This is an attempt to get myself motivated to spend some time in front of the stove/oven and maybe discover my dormant cooking talents. Which somehow does not seem to be working too well because of these other distractions...
The Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera

I am spending time in online forums hoping to snag myself a good second hand 450D kit. Which I have then managed to convinced myself to master my manual settings on my Canon Ixus 75 and practice basic photographic composition techniques first, before getting a SLR. Besides, this toddler here is not going to leave me alone without hogging the SLR, so 450D can wait.

The other major distraction; my business. Planning and preparation is taking quite a bit of effort, with some hiccups along the way, but it is coming along quite well. I am looking forward to it going live in end January.

So look out in this space for something exciting that will be revealed soon!


the little prince said...

What a day for Kyle!

Btw, is that the washable paint?

4malmal said...

wow looks like it is going to be a really exciting year for u. can't wait to read about your business! congratulations in advance. Home based business for SAHM, that is a dream come true :) and I love K's self portrait. He is darn cute!

Tin said...

Hey Rachel, K is smart to know how to take pics of himself. Clever boy!

I also couldn't wait to read about your new venture! All the best and congrats!

Leonny said...

Hi Rachel!

Love his self portrait! and hey, he can already even join the 'extended arm self portrait' facebook group! :)


Nice to hear about the biz plans for the new year too!

Merryn said...

wahahahaha... wait till Kyle is older n sees the pics he took of himself! sooo cute!

Rachel said...

the little prince - I actually pasted some mahjong paper on the wall and got him some Crayola washable paints.

4malmal - Thanks! I am really excited by this new venture. K actually not so cute sometimes when he is hogging the camera and refuses to let go :)

Tin - K really amazes me sometimes. Kids nowadays are so much smarter vs our generation. Also thanks so much for your best wishes.

Leonny - I didn't know such a group existed in FB, must check it out. Thanks for the link :)

Merryn - I am waiting for the day when K will start asking me why he looks like that with that 'grimace-liked smile' in almost all his pics posed for the camera.

Kristie said...

omg, so many distractions for ur boy! :)

Rachel said...

Kristie - No choice, have to come up with ideas constantly to keep K entertained. He gets up to mischief and tends to act up when he is bored.

KoLe said...

oh my... K is busier than I am! haha

Love his attempt at self-portrait. too cute for words!