January 18, 2009

I will not shop for a long time

That's what I always tell myself when I clear out my wardrobe and end up with at least 3 bags of clothes to give away.

The clothes that I have cleared are mainly pre-baby clothes. From my used-to-be slimmer years, Siam Square Bangkok shopping adventures, used-to-be trendy wear for when I wore in the corporate world. As well as, a whole lot of clothing that I have been hoarding and have not been able to clear due to sentimental reasons.

Post-baby I have learnt that, 1. It is not a good idea to wear spaghetti-straps blouses with decolletage and still feel comfortable. 2. Bangkok is not the best choice to shop if you are looking for mid price clothing that you hope you can still wear after a year and not look drab 3. No reason to be investing in clothes that will make me look so in-vogue, unless I am expecting to wear it for 3 months and then wait for the next fashion cycle to come around 5 years later to wear it again.

What I have kept are classics from my designer sample finds, from mostly independent labels, clothes that fit well and last long through the years. I am a bargain shopper, I never buy designer clothes at its original price. Only when it is at 70% off.

So hopefully through this lesson I have learnt to be a more savvy shopper. Only classics moving forward...well, I did say I will not shop for a long time but will still make an exception for that occasional online shopping.


Kristie said...

oh yes... my wadrobe is full too... and most of them i cant wear after delivering to jayden too... sob sob...

Rachel said...

Kristie - Tragic right? Imagine the kind of investment we put into those previous purchases. I have learnt that there is no point buying too many cheap and trendy things, better to go with mid price classics that will last longer.