January 24, 2009

How to keep a toddler busy on a Saturday morning

1. Give him a box of sand, some containers and spades

2. Put up mahjong paper on the wall and some spray bottles filled with water and paint

3. Get him to do the cleaning up after his spray paint activity

Disclaimer : Not that I encourage child labour, as K is a 100% willing party. Besides, I think this is his favorite part of the morning, since he spent a full 20 minutes cleaning the walls and sweeping the floor.

4. Cultivate his love for nature with indoor gardening


Kristie said...

good job rachel... really good that u keep cracking ur head as to what activities to keep him occupied with!

KoLe said...

can i come over and play?

his life is full of good fun!

Ing said...

This is so fun! And he looks so cute with the broom! :)

Rachel said...

Kristie - I often refer to a couple of Early Childhood references and the internet for new ideas.

Kole - You are welcome to come over anytime :) I often see that Rae is also kept really busy with alot of fun activities.

Ing - It does get kind of messy, but washable paint, an enthusiastic and helpful toddler really adds to the fun.

4malmal said...

At this age, they are fascinated with everything! I just love this stage.
I am kind of pro child labour ;)

Rachel said...

4malmal - sometime can get over helpful! Often, I have to remind myself not say things out of impatience that might discourage his enthusiasm.

Karen said...

Hey Rachel

Great ideas! BTW, where did you get the toy for the sand? It looks fun.

Rachel said...

Karen - I got the sand and water table from Early Learning Centre @ United Sq. No cheap but I think it is worth investing in it. It also comes with quite a number of accessories for sand and water play. Additional spades and sand moulds were only $2 from Daiso.

Domestic Goddess said...

My 2yo loves the same activities! You have some really cute photos of your K. :)