January 21, 2009

Green-eyed monster

It is not easy being a WAHM.

I have been guilty the past 1 week for not spending time with K the mornings. As I am distracted with so many tasks to do for my home business, I start finding myself to be more impatient.

K is not too happy about this. He has been acting up more often, extremely needy with the helper, whines for her and wants to be carried by her all the time. And each time he does this, he avoids eye contact with me.

Initially I thought that it was due to my helper giving attention to his negative behaviour, but realised later that his behaviour have been a result of not spending our mornings together since last Friday.

My presence is not enough for K. He wants my 100% attention and time to play together.

'An only child syndrome'? Highly likely. He may be getting green-eyed over mommy spending too much time nurturing her new 'baby'.


Kristie said...

gd luck on ur home biz.

yup not easy to strike a balance, luckily u have a helper!

gd luck ya!

Chrystal said...

Time to pop another one!

Tin said...

Yah, it's really not easy to strike a balance. I also feel guilty whenever I spent time in front of the PC and neglecting both kids. Sometimes they'd come and pester me when I'm on the PC, and Kai will always say the same old thing "shut down, shut down..." :(

Rachel said...

Kristie - Thanks for your well wishes. Trying my best to manage working at home and spending time w K.

Chrystal - Thanks for dropping by. No time to take care of another child. Bad with multitasking.

Tin - Must be even tougher handling two kids and chores at the same time. I think u are doing a great job :)

the little prince said...

Is not easy ya....I am doing part time insurance also feel the pressure.....:-)

新年快乐~ 恭喜发财
Gong Xi Fa Cai

Ling That's Me said...

my son who is not the only child, wants my 100% attention too. it's quite tough being a WAHM but it's great to be able to watch the growing up :)

KoLe said...

I am sure you will strike a healthy balance between your new baby and your real baby


can't wait to hear more about ur new biz...

happy chinese new year and

Rachel said...

the little prince, Ling that's me, Kole - I am still learning how to find that balance. But generally feel blessed that I am given this opportunity to be a WAHM.

Gong Xi Fai Cai to you and your families!