January 18, 2009

A feather in his cap

Mr. "I refuse to have anything on my head, ever" has finally decided that caps are good. Hurray!

New milestone - My son is finally willing to wear a cap.
Motherhood is a strange thing for me, anything out of the ordinary can be considered a milestone.


4malmal said...

my boy still doesn't like cap but he doen't mind wearing hat now :)

Karen said...

Oh...you're so right! My son refused caps but was willing to put on the hat I bought from the zoo. So eversince, that has been the only sunshade for him.

Likewise, he has been refusing all types of soup until last month when he finally decided that carrot soup is nice and has been asking for it. I felt the same way as you did when he started drinking some soup....haha.

I guess the bottom line is, most boys have a huge mind of their own as compared to girls. Very very strange and seeing the children in my classes, I can't deny this is quite a fact.

Merryn said...

yeah.. we are 'freako' aren't we? every single step out of the ordinary are considered milestone for us.. hehehe.. clever boy! how long can his cap last on his head? :)

Rachel said...

4malmal and Karen - Most little boys seem to have a mind of their own, tough to get them to do things our way sometime :) I hardly hear about such problems from my friends with daughters.

Merryn - Well, this is one way I know how to enjoy this journey of motherhood; treat every milestone as something to be joyful about.
K will only tolerate having the cap for maximum 10 mins, which I think is quite an achievement, considering how much he used to detest it

little prince's mummy said...

My son refuse cap until now!~

btw, ur kid r very handsome :)

Angeline said...

he looks so cool in one... though I understand how so many boys hate it... it seems that they don't like the view above being blocked.

when I 'turned' the cap, my boys start to love wearing them *laugh*

Rachel said...

little prince's mummy - thanks for the compliments. Looks like almost all little boys don't fancy caps at all.

Angeline - agree with you on that. Turning the cap sure makes it more of a fashion statement, than fulfilling its practical use :)So it is not true that girls are vainer than boys

Kristie said...

he looks so handsome :)

KoLe said...

yes! so true.
every little new experience, acceptance.... is a milestone!
(I still rem the first time R accepted a hairclip and hairband! enough joy to pop champagne)

hurray for more new hats!