January 31, 2009

Uggs are still in

...according to K, worn in the house.
"Ugging" around the house with his pair of Uggs, recently bought by Dad from Perth.

January 28, 2009

What is the chinese new year like for Mr. 22 months

K tried his hand at prawning on the 2nd day of lunar new year, but was not too thrilled when he came face to face with the prawn...

Most of the time, K was eyeing the prawns suspiciously and refused to let any prawns come near him.

When we visited grandpa and grandma in the evening. K found a new friend; the PSP handheld, and was hoping that uncle Jo will just lend it to him, even just for a little while.

K have shown that he can take a better picture than his dad (sometimes), judging from these 2 pics he took at Grand pa's house.

When he visited Godpa's family the next morning, he displayed his sensitive new age guy traits when he blatantly ignored what Dad and Godpa said, "Don't play with girls' toys. " Needless to say, he enjoyed himself when he played cooking and caring for baby doll with Rae-anne.

January 24, 2009

How to keep a toddler busy on a Saturday morning

1. Give him a box of sand, some containers and spades

2. Put up mahjong paper on the wall and some spray bottles filled with water and paint

3. Get him to do the cleaning up after his spray paint activity

Disclaimer : Not that I encourage child labour, as K is a 100% willing party. Besides, I think this is his favorite part of the morning, since he spent a full 20 minutes cleaning the walls and sweeping the floor.

4. Cultivate his love for nature with indoor gardening

January 21, 2009

Green-eyed monster

It is not easy being a WAHM.

I have been guilty the past 1 week for not spending time with K the mornings. As I am distracted with so many tasks to do for my home business, I start finding myself to be more impatient.

K is not too happy about this. He has been acting up more often, extremely needy with the helper, whines for her and wants to be carried by her all the time. And each time he does this, he avoids eye contact with me.

Initially I thought that it was due to my helper giving attention to his negative behaviour, but realised later that his behaviour have been a result of not spending our mornings together since last Friday.

My presence is not enough for K. He wants my 100% attention and time to play together.

'An only child syndrome'? Highly likely. He may be getting green-eyed over mommy spending too much time nurturing her new 'baby'.

January 18, 2009

A feather in his cap

Mr. "I refuse to have anything on my head, ever" has finally decided that caps are good. Hurray!

New milestone - My son is finally willing to wear a cap.
Motherhood is a strange thing for me, anything out of the ordinary can be considered a milestone.

I will not shop for a long time

That's what I always tell myself when I clear out my wardrobe and end up with at least 3 bags of clothes to give away.

The clothes that I have cleared are mainly pre-baby clothes. From my used-to-be slimmer years, Siam Square Bangkok shopping adventures, used-to-be trendy wear for when I wore in the corporate world. As well as, a whole lot of clothing that I have been hoarding and have not been able to clear due to sentimental reasons.

Post-baby I have learnt that, 1. It is not a good idea to wear spaghetti-straps blouses with decolletage and still feel comfortable. 2. Bangkok is not the best choice to shop if you are looking for mid price clothing that you hope you can still wear after a year and not look drab 3. No reason to be investing in clothes that will make me look so in-vogue, unless I am expecting to wear it for 3 months and then wait for the next fashion cycle to come around 5 years later to wear it again.

What I have kept are classics from my designer sample finds, from mostly independent labels, clothes that fit well and last long through the years. I am a bargain shopper, I never buy designer clothes at its original price. Only when it is at 70% off.

So hopefully through this lesson I have learnt to be a more savvy shopper. Only classics moving forward...well, I did say I will not shop for a long time but will still make an exception for that occasional online shopping.

January 15, 2009

Thank goodness I am a 70s kid

I realise how far we come when I come across things that were from previous generations.

My hands by Aliki was first published in 1962.

The book as suggested by the title is all about people's hands and what we do with hands.

It seemed like a nice picture book to shared with a preschooler. It continues innocently into this other page, showing the children's fingers.

Look closely at the boy on the right and his fingers in the next picture...

Seems like the publisher who published this in the 60s is quite poorly informed, as the raised middle finger have found written references to it as far back as ancient Greek and Roman times. The gesture's sexual meaning has always been roughly the same, and it has always been
considered rude. It is quite fascinating what children learned in the 60s.

The revised edition published in 1992 unfortunately left out this page :) It has been updated to take a more pre-schooler's scientific approach of the body where it describes parts of the hands and what we do with them.

Talking about the 60s, I am watching this TV series "Mad Men" set in the 60s about ad execs in New York. It recently won the best TV drama in the Golden Globes. The show gives a glimpse into life in 60s, where so many of the unPC things today are all treated as a very matter of fact because that was how it was like then.

One of the LOL moments was how they treated children back then. In one of the episodes, Betty Draper and a pregnant friend were smoking cigarettes. One of their kids enter with with the plastic from the dry cleaners over her head. And the mother's concern was, "If my clothes are wrinkled, I'm going to get very angry."

There was another one where the kids were running through the house. One kid's father slaps a boy, who is not his own for almost knocking something over. The kid's real parent was actually thankful and said, "Thank you for disciplining my child." Few parents in this day and age will hit their kids like that, what more be allowed to hit somebody else's kid.

The TV show has lots of other OMG inducing moments on sexism, anti-Semitism, racism, on top of its smoking and drinking pregnant woman. It's really quite interesting how some things have changed since the 60s.

See the video on the Top 10 un PC moments in "Mad Men".

January 11, 2009

Fickle minded

That's the kind of mood that I am in, when I have to deal with a toddler who refuses to take his nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

Come swim with me

January 7, 2009

Obsessions and distractions

One of K's major obsessions is my digital camera. He can spend a long time taking photos of things around him and then view the pictures repeatedly. These pics below were taken when I told him to, "Why do you take some pictures of your room."

After a while I notice him giving his 'smile' while holding onto the camera...
Upon a closer look, I discovered he was in fact smiling into the camera and attempting to take his own picture. Somehow, someone managed to figure out a way to snap his own pictures.
When I went through the pictures in the camera, this was what K took of himself;

Not really a flattering pic. But that did not seem to bother him at all. After hogging the camera for the next 5 minutes, exposing his eyes to countless number of flashes, I told him it was quite enough and had to stop. I had to pry his fingers off the camera one by one and braced myself for some toddler tantrum antics.

That was when I had to think of other distractions...Painting on the wall seem to work for the next 15 mins,
Thereafter, he wanted to do everything else except paint. He much preferred emptying all the paints onto the palette and pouring the water on the newspapers. A big hint to let me know that he was not really in an artistic mood.

The next distraction had to be introduced: the water table

Which kept him happily occupied for the next 1 hour, until the next obsession...

Gogglebox entertainment during lunch; his Little Einsteins DVD, which has been showing its reruns this week for the 20th time. I can almost memorise all the songs and the lines in the 3 episodes featured in the DVD. It is interesting how he seems to enjoy familiarity.

As for my distractions? Which include these books I am reading the past 2 days.

This is an attempt to get myself motivated to spend some time in front of the stove/oven and maybe discover my dormant cooking talents. Which somehow does not seem to be working too well because of these other distractions...
The Canon EOS 450D digital SLR camera

I am spending time in online forums hoping to snag myself a good second hand 450D kit. Which I have then managed to convinced myself to master my manual settings on my Canon Ixus 75 and practice basic photographic composition techniques first, before getting a SLR. Besides, this toddler here is not going to leave me alone without hogging the SLR, so 450D can wait.

The other major distraction; my business. Planning and preparation is taking quite a bit of effort, with some hiccups along the way, but it is coming along quite well. I am looking forward to it going live in end January.

So look out in this space for something exciting that will be revealed soon!

January 4, 2009

Fear not?

Fear is a learnt emotion.

My earliest memories of irrational fear was when I was a pre-schooler. My mom used to be terrified of cats and she will scream, cling onto my dad, jump onto a chair whenever a feline was within sight. Without understanding why there was the need to be afraid, I learnt to emulate that fear. That fear of cats did not ease till my aunt brought her dog to my place to visit when I was about 5. That was the turning point when I started to like pets and got my first dog when I was 7 years old.

Dh and I have came to realised that K learns fear by observing how we act or react. We have been extremely conscious of our behaviour, especially when we come face to face with some of our phobias. Specifically, for dh and I, we similarly have a certain level of Herpetophobia, i.e., fear of reptiles. I am extremely freaked out by lizards as I had countless bad experiences with them; lizards have dropped on me a couple of times and I have stepped on at least 3 lizards in my life. Eeew...I get goosebumps just thinking about those tragic lizards that were crashed by my feet.

So now, I tried not to show any sort of emotion when I see any lizards (which is painfully difficult). The last time we saw a bunch of lizards, dh gritted his teeth and went, 'Look K, so many lizards.." and then chickened out when he spotted a couple of big ones on the wall.

So kudos to dh today, for overcoming his fear of reptiles and taking this pic holding a snake. Due to dh's bravery, K was encouraged to touch the snake as well :)
Dh then threw me a challenge to take a picture K and a lizard perched on my shoulder. No way, call me whatever you want, this will not happen in a million years...

In retrospect, the knowledge of fear in moderation is not at all a bad thing for a child. Although I don't even want for K to live in fear, he still needs to learn that our world, despite it being God's beautiful creation, has its good and bad. A child may be naturally fearful of some things, however they need to be taught to be fearful of certain other things to be sensible about their actions. This is the paradox of life as we know it.

I have been experiencing many more fears ever since I have become a parent. I worry about every single thing about K; whether he sleeps/eat/rest/developing well etc. I will learn to take things in stride and take it one day at a time. Afterall, there will be more good days and some bad days.

"The source of anxiety lies in the future. If you can keep the future out of mind, you can forget your worries."
~ Milan Kundera

January 1, 2009

Hello 2009!

I will start to have a little childlike attitude to the days that 2009 will bring.

Everyday K wakes up, it’s a new day for him, a whole new world to explore. The curiosity to find out new things, the enthusiasm, the energy with the start of each new day, is something that I can learn from my little one.

Always learn to be jubilant with every little accomplishment.This is seen from K when he loudly exclaims 'Did it!' and raises his arms triumphantly in the air, each time he fits a lego block on top of another.

He can most likely vouch that

Illustration by Sarajo Frieden

...in this new year.
Afterall, he has managed to jump a little higher with his two feet off the ground.