March 30, 2008


"Ta, ta, ta, ta," that's Kyle favorite word. Hardly any more "ma ma-s" or "da da-s", "ta ta ta" seems to be the only sound that comes out of his mouth lately. I haven't quite figure out what that means.
He is also extremely fond of doing his 'red indian greeting'; tapping a palm to his mouth and going 'waw-waw-waw-waw' at the same time. That's his version of butterfly kisses, or how my mom usually puts it 'flying kisses'. He usually intersperse that with 'gong xi, gong xi'; palms interlocked together with a rocking movement...a 'leftover' skill acquired from the Chinese New Year.
As for his latest 'trick'? It's being able to open his mouth wide, with his top lip covering his gum and teeth when he hears the cue, 'How tiger yawn?' He learnt that from imitating how a tiger yawned at his recent trip to the zoo with Granddad and Nana on Friday.

Pre-haircut pic featuring a not so refined toddler

March 23, 2008

A Sunday of Firsts - Part 2

Kyle got hold of the straw and tried his first attempt at drinking from the straw

"I can do it myself, you really do not need to help me mommy..."

See how pleased he looked after he drank up more than a third of water from the cup with the straw.

A Sunday of Firsts - Part 1

Today is a day of first experiences for Kyle; it started out after lunch with his first haircut at Junior League in Suntec City.

Prepping up for the haircut
So far so good while I tried to distract him with Thomas the tank engine cartoon on the screen.

Kyle lost his patience and started yelling and fidgeting, while I desperately tried to entertain him with a box of sweets.

A sweet found its way into Kyle's mouth and successfully distracted him for a moment...

Tada! New spunky haircut and mom heaves a sigh of relief.

March 22, 2008

Motor skills after 1

Did I mention that Kyle can now walk? He started walking 2 days before his birthday on 17 of March. Before he turned one, he was cruising and could only manage few steps. Now he confidently plods around the house while holding on his golf club.

Growing Up Gifted Experience

"Hi, I will like to enquire if there are trial classes available for 8-18 months babies for Saturday?" The lady with the heavily Malay-accented English on the other line, "Which one? Today for 8-18 months?" My reply, "Yes, I will like to check if there are any trial classes available?" Her answer to my question, "No more vacancy." I added, "Will there be a possibility of any vacancies in the next few weeks or months." Her reply, "I don't think so as all of them now are quite settled."

Settled? What does settled mean, does it mean that this school have gotten themselves long term customers who will plan to continue their child's enrichment program in the pre-school till the kids are 8? As a result, don't intent to consider new admissions or additions to their long waiting list?

That's how my first experience with Growing Up Gifted ended. Deanne Chong, the owner of Growing up Gifted have to start sending her front desk staff for customer service training, if not, her staff will successfully turn parents away from ever considering the school. Anyhow, looks like they don't need additional business from me or anyone else.

So much for the Growing up Gifted experience. Next on the list, Pat's Schoolhouse.

March 20, 2008

Mummy thinks that is time for a change

I can probably qualify as one of those 'kiasu' parents out there who all seem to be in a great hurry to ensure that their child gets the best headstart in life.

Kyle started out in Gymboree at about 8 months old and so far the programme has been fairly beneficial for his motor-skills development. However, for the past few months, he seems to have gotten bored of the usual drill in his class and prefer to kick a ball around the room, or just to get hold of one of those plastic/rubber shaped thingys and obsessively chew it. The only segment in class that seem to hold his interest will be 'busy box' and 'bubble time'. As for those setups, forget amount of coaxing will get him to walk or climb across, as he will prefer to sit there and grab on to a plastic ball or rubber shaped thingy and stuff it in his mouth. As a result, he seemed to be the only baby in class that has perpetual drool dribbling off his chin most of the time.

That lack of interest in class is most likely a hint that I should start exploring a new program for Kyle. Been surfing the net the past few nights for information on other enrichment programmes for Kyle, from toddler programs at Pat's schoolhouse, to Julia Gabriel and Growing Up Gifted.

While surfing the net for comments and reviews for these playschools, I came across numerous blogs written by mothers like myself with young toddlers. One common feature across these blogs was that these blogs were written in the first person narrative. The first person however was not the author of the blog but rather the mother pretending to be the child. What's even more interesting is when friends of the author (with toddlers) start leaving comments and messages the same way; e.g., Bb Kayden - Mummy says that we should meet up this weekend for lunch together. Then Bb Brayden answers - Mummy thinks that United Sq will be a good place, how about it?

I reckon that it sounds rather cute but a style of writing that that I rather not adopt.

March 18, 2008

Sofa Trick

I just can't help but to proudly exclaim that Kyle is so smart, well...I can say whatever I want since this is my blog :P

He knows how to climb down the sofa or bed, with his backside first, not plunging down head first. This skill is acquired at the tender age of 11 months, 5 days. I don't think many babies can do that at his age...

Career Options

Lately I have been thinking about a career change. Don't get anymore satisfaction from a marketing job, its boring and I am totally unchallenged. What are my options?
1) a career in early childhood development OR 2) Clothes importer

1) Career in early childhood development
What do I want to get out from this career change? I don't want to end up becoming some playschool or childcare teacher, but to start up a Christian-based intelluctual, emotional and artistic developmental program for children from 1-4 years old. Being a mother of a 1 year old has ignited my interest in early childhood development, especially in the development of Toddlers.

2) Clothes Importer
I think the availability of mid price, well cut, chic clothing in line with each season trend is seriously lacking in Singapore. Combing Far East Plaza for the last few months have only provided some limited options and I think that if I can find a good source of supply, there is some money to be made here. Besides this is very apt with my interest of shopping and being able wear pretty clothes all the time.

Well, I dare to dream and I want to envision big dreams. How about that bit about daring to do? Probably not so soon, its still not the right time, so it's back to reality :(

March 17, 2008

2nd Birthday Cake

Kyle's a real blessed kid, Nana got him another cake ice cream cake from Swensen's complete with Mickey and Friends printed on top. While I was trying to get him to look at the disney characters on the cake, he seemed more fascinated with the lighted candle rather than the cake itself.

March 16, 2008

Becoming a Toddler

Pre-birthday celebrations started today late afternoon with a dip in the pool and then out in the condo's compound twice in 2 hours in his tricyle with granddad. After dinner, we presented Kyle with his first birthday cake; a 'Pokemon' style cake from a chinese bakery, topped with pink icing and a rubber 'house' and 'pokemon'.

Getting first aquainted with the cake, notice the bit of cake above his lip :)

Keith and I were trying to get him to blow the candle, however he seemed more enamoured by the lighted candle than to do anything else.

Some leftover icing on his romper

Blog for Precious Moments

It's been a while since I added a new entry, I realised that my life's pretty dull except for my role as Kyle's mother. Thus I have decided that moving forward, one of the key purpose of this blog's will be to pen down interesting snippets of Kyle's life and capture his little adventures and milestones from his inset into toddlerhood.
Pictures do say a thousand words, but wouldn't stories be more meaningful? I gave up with uploading pictures onto Flickr when the batch uploader did not work, so this blog will be it.