December 12, 2008

That lil' bit of Disney Magic

Our trip to HK disneyland has been quite a magical experience for K. According to dh words, "...Disneyland to kids is akin to their version of a holy pilgrimage".

Despite spending a short 4 and a half days away, Dh and I have made some new discoveries about our little boy along the way.

1. K is a great traveller

He was so full of anticipation from the moment we woke him up at 6a.m on Monday morning and drove to the airport. K could relate to almost every moment of our experience at the airport; from the time we checked in the luggage, went through immigration and to the departure area. He refused to seat in his stroller and wanted me to carry him to "see...see".

When we got on the plane, he peered excitedly out of the window, made airplane noises while moving his toy plane around and kept asking for "chik" (his sound he uses for putting on the seat belt). When the flight attendant came to us with the seat belt, he grinned widely, took it from her and attempted to put it around his body. The flight attendent commented "He is the first child I have encountered who is so excited about putting on the seat belt."

When the plane took off, he did not experience any discomfort with the change in air pressure, hardly took any sips of water and told me "pop, pop", when he place both palms on his ears.
The only items I got to use from the "aeroplane survival kit" were the block puzzles and stickers, since he slept through 50% of the flight to HK.

2. He is a Mickey and Pluto Fan

And a crazed one at that. I knew that he like watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV and didn't mind his Mickey soft toy once in a while. Now here is the magic of Disney, in one of the restaurants in the hotel, Mickey and friends came by the tables to greet the diners. When any of the characters come into view, K will lose all reason, clamour out of his seat, emit whines of "hur hur hur Mi-Mi" (translated from toddler speak is "I want to go over there to Mickey.")

He was not satisfied till the characters came over to the table, shoke their paws, gave him high fives and had a picture taken with them. Dh and I were quite surprised by his enthusiasm, as we were expecting that he will be afraid of the characters. It was an enjoyable experience for tot but not so pleasant for dh and I, since most of the time during the dinner we had to get K to sit still on the chair and get him to swallow his food.

And for someone that refuses to wear anything on his head, K is happy to prance and dance with the Mickey Mouse ears headband on his head.

3. He consistently flashes this look when asked to smile for the camera

Which looks more like a grimace than a smile. More than 80% of the 200 odd pictures that I took during our trip has K displaying this smile.

4. He can be extremely bossy...

Especially when he interacts with his friend Rae-anne, whom he calls "mei-mei". Rae-anne is an endearing and affectionate 16 month old toddler who is very generous with her hugs.

When the two toddlers get together, they will be screaming and chasing one another all around. Most of the other times, K will be saying "No, no...back," and tries to lead her back to near the adults by tapping her shoulders or pulling her arms, when Rae-anne wanders off to explore other things.

5. He finally slept through the night...hurray!

For 3 consecutive nights. The longest stretch was a total of 9 hours. He must have been exhausted from the day's activities and did not even wake up for feed. He managed to sleep through yesterday night when we got home, hopefully, this will be a new milestone I can rave about. I have been waiting a long time for this moment, since I was starting to lose hope that he will ever sleep through the night.

Despite our family returning with a flu and a cough, we all had a fabulous time. As for K, he may not remember this trip after a couple of months, but I suppose that lil' bit of Disney magic has managed to captivate him for that brief, but memorable moment in time.


Tin said...

Wow, the disneyland trip has certainly achieved some magical effects on K, especially the "sleep thru night" milestone!

And K has very unique way of smiling...heee..

I always envy parents who have such "easy" kids who can be brought along everywhere...

pc said...

being a travel parent, i really like to see more and more parents bringing kids to see world beyond their own homeland.

many year later you will realise that it doesnt matter if he could not remember any part of it. . coz your memories keeping it well and proud.

congratulation to your achievement^^.

Rachel said...

Tin - Probably K will be asking me 1 year later why he is looking like that in the pictures:)

K is not exactly an easy kid, somehow his behaviour during this trip has been quite a pleasant surprise.

Rachel said...

PC - I can still remember when I used to travel for work and I really envied seeing those moms travelling with their kids. At that point, it really did not matter to me how tedious it may be with the kid. I just look forward to the day that K can travel with hb and I. So this will be surely be a memory that I will treasure.

As for the 'achievement', hopefully the sleeping thru the night milestone is not temporary.

4malmal said...

hey glad that it went on so well for u! and I agree with the holy pilgrimage analogy. Your trip reminds me of ours when mal was 2 years plus when we visited disneyland in LA. All the best to K sleeping thru the nite. It was a huge milestone for us and now I can finally look back and smile :)

Ling That's Me said...

very detailed trip you have written there. thanks for sharing the photos! :)

Kristie said...

Looks like Kyle had a blast! haha slept through the night cos he pengsan already from all the activities :)

KoLe said...

your boy sure enjoyed the trip!
more more!

Rachel said...

4malmal - Thanks 4malmal. Somehow lately the sleeping through the night is not happening again :(

Ling That's me - Thanks for dropping by. The blog is really useful for jotting down memories, I have bad memory.

Kristie, Kole - K had a great time. I am really looking forward to travelling out of the country with him again. Wow...I cannot believe I am actually saying this.