December 3, 2008

My "aeroplane survival kit"

I have been reading this book to K for the last one month to prep him up for his first plane ride.

Through this book, he now understands the concept of the baggage counter, the waiting lounge at the airport, where the pilot's cockpit is located on the plane, getting seated on the plane and passengers putting on the seat belts. In fact, everyone around him has been prepping him up for his upcoming trip next week.

I have even resorted to using this during K's meal times when he refuses his food, "You need to eat, so that you will grow tall and get to sit in the aeroplane to go to Disneyland." And when I get desperate, I will say, "If you don't eat, you cannot grow tall and sit in the plane." Yes, I have been quite a terrible mommy to have resorted to such threats just to get him to eat. Well, it has not really worked anyhow.

This topic of fussy toddler at meal time is another long-drawn-out issue, so I will not further digress from the topic of travel.

For our upcoming trip next week, I have put together a "aeroplane survival kit" for dh and myself, so as to ensure that the 4 hour plane ride to HK with our 20 month old toddler will be as painless as possible.

K is still in his machines/vehicles/trucks phase, so these should be able to keep him occupied for most of the plane ride. I also added some open-ended materials such as crayons, coloured pencils and a sketch pad, since K enjoys scribbling on paper. I have not shown K any of these things yet, so hopefully, his interest will be enhanced by its novelty.

Hope these will work...(fingers and toes crossed)


Zhen said...

be careful of crayons and don't want your kid to be doodling on the aircraft seats/tables.

enjoy your trip. :D

Tin said...

Hi Rachael,
I always envy those parents who are able to bring their young toddlers onboard airplanes and travel overseas. I still don't have that courage to bring Kai overseas yet... the thought of bringing his milk powder, toys, rocker, and all barang barang simply put me off...

But tomorrow, we are going to bring him and his sis on a cruise... , so I really really hope he'd cooperate with us and behave well throught the trip... really keep my fingers crossed, like you :)

And you too have an enjoyable trip.. :)

Rachel said...

Zhen - Thanks for dropping by :)
In case of accidents, I always get Crayola washables crayons. K is also quite trained not to scribble on any where else except paper, cos he knows the wrath he will incur if he ventures beyond.

Rachel said...

Tin - You cannot imagine how much of K's stuff I have to bring along. Probably the only thing that is missing is his bed now :P

All we need now is lots of patience and boundless energy to keep up with our toddlers. Just have to go with the flow...

Have a great time at the cruise!

BY's Mummy said...

Let K drink some water or have something to nibble as the plane takes off or touches down. It may distract him or help reduce air pressure discomfort :) Some airlines have "goody pack" for kids onboard too, though most items are too advance for toddlers, it will be fun to just see what's in the bag.

Have a great trip!! He may just fall asleep, who knows? hehehe

Angeline said...

*laugh* fingers and toes crossed for you too! *wink*

Rachel said...

Hi BY's mummy - thanks for dropping by.

Good thing you reminded me about the snacks. I actually forgot all about that amid all that excitement. Hopefully during that 4 hours, K will somehow lull into dreamland.

4malmal said...

I think it does need a bit of practice when it comes to traveling with kids. I was still breastfeeding when mal first took a plane. so it was easy, I can soothe him anytime! I think it is important that the kids is mentally prepared. Maybe u might want to warn him abt the uncomfy feeling in his ears when planes take off and land, I think many kids don't like the feeling.
oh btw, when I saw your Airport book, I got really excited. cos that used to be one of Mal's favourite book! We even brought it to Paris with us :) Remember to bring 1 or 2 of his fav stuff along, I think he will appreciate having something familiar with him in a foreign land. have fun!

KoLe said...

Have a safe and happy trip!
I am sure your darling will enjoy it!
lucky lucky you :)

Rachel said...

Rachel - Thanks for the great advice. Will try to prep him about the discomfort, hopefully he will be able to understand.
This book is great. I think K will be extremely thrilled when he gets to experience what we read from the book.

As for the familiar items, I am even bringing his pillow along. More than half our luggage will be K's stuff :)

Kole - Thanks! Hoping I will not end up a tired tired mummy.