December 15, 2008


An inkling of something that has recently surfaced in my life.

Brimming with anticipation with the new things to come.
In the midst of darkness, admid the glum
He opens the door revealing a glimmer of light.
After going through full circle, there is no reason to feel contrite
For I know He will not test me beyond what I can bear.
And will always get me out of any warfare

I have been thrown a line back to my first love
Could it be something that I will fit me like a glove?

I have been told that I am a romantic and a classic.
That I will not deny, even for skeptic
It will not change even moving from 4 to a 6
Taste will always determine any season's picks
Does not matter that I have no more excuses not to deck out
Can't think of another reason why I should not take this route

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