November 3, 2008

'Mr. child actor'

K is looking so grown up is hard to believe that it was barely a few months ago when he just started to walk. He even knows how to pose for pictures, I was surprised when dh showed me this photo that he took of K yesterday, when we were preparing to go for cousin C's wedding.

It's interesting how dh and I can have this little boy that is so sociable, when his parents are not extroverted or sociable people. K loves to perform his 'tricks', especially in front of an audience, pose for pictures then demands to see his pictures from the camera, dance and show off his various facial expressions. Our helper, Bel calls him 'Mr. child actor.' He does the most dramatic imitation of 'choking' by pressing his throat and then coughing, when we tell him that he is not suppose to put certain items in his mouth, as he might get choked by it.

There is never a dull moment with K. He is a funny little person.

We made a little excursion to the airport this morning. Dh wanted to create some anticipation for K's first flight on an airplane to HK in December. While we were at the viewing gallery, K did his 'inspector' pose, complete with both hands placed at his back, when he was looking out to the airplanes

Then exclaiming loudly when he saw the airplanes, gesturing with one hand and with the other hand still placed behind his back...

This evening, when I described to Nana (without demonstrating) how he posed while looking at the airplanes. Mr. child actor flashed me a cheeky grin, demonstrated his 'inspector' pose in front of Nana, while trying to look at himself in the mirror. He obviously loves it when we talk about him.

I am only reminded of his age when he starts to talk. His communications skills are still limited by his verbal and language abilities. However, I wonder what Mr child actor will be like when he turns 3?

Victory dance

K's victory dance with hands placed behind his back


Mamamie said...

He's so cute, any intention to let him join TCS? :)

Rachel said... has to be his own choice when he is of age. Probably the furthest I will go is to let him attend some speech and drama courses when he is 3 or 4. Would much prefer to nurture him in the area of sports.