November 24, 2008

More zoo excursions?

The last time K went to the zoo was in Feb. From our previous visit dh signed up for the Friends of the zoo membership, as he was quite certain that we will be back very often since we only lived about 15 mins away. However, we only did manage to take another excursion to the zoo almost 10 months later, oh well...

I took this pic of K and dh about 10 months ago.

This pic of K and dh was taken on Friday...

It was a beautiful morning and K was thrilled to have yiyi and uncle ed who joined us at the zoo. The little boy refused to sit in his stroller the whole time and had no qualms asking to be carried.

K simply refused to wear his hat and dh was rather concerned that the top of his head felt rather hot, so he covered K's head with the towel. K is at this stage where he will just refuse to have anything to do with hats.

We brought K to the waterplay area in Kidzworld and the small fountain kept him busy for about 20 mins before he started to get bored. I wasn't too keen on the other areas within the waterplay area as it was mostly filled with murky water.

Did not have much time to see the shows or check out the kids kampong within Kidzworld. Looks like we will have to schedule more visits to the zoo before our membership expires in Feb '09, right dh?


KoLe said...

I try to justify my foz too by trying to go there once a month.
but the recent weather is either too hot or too wet :(
hey, we live near too!

Mamamie said...

went there a couple of times using dh's corporate passes :P, and normally we'll surrender after 2 hours of adventuring..haha! I guess if the weather is like melbourne, we can spend the entire day with no worries..

Rachel said...

Kole - Usually we only go there in the mornings like 9am and then be home by 130pm. The weather is ok in the mornings. So I guess no more excuses :)

Amie - only 2 hours? Now with the new kidzworld, you should expect to spend the whole morning and possibly the afternoon there.