November 11, 2008

In the company of friends

It has been a busy and tiring weekend. I have been feeling the fatigue since Saturday, as I got up at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning and made my way to my friend place, as I was one of the 'sisters' for the wedding. This will probably be the last of the weddings that I will be one of the 'sisters'. I am glad that dh and I never considered going through that fussiness of the wedding customs when we got married in '04.

It was K's 2nd wedding dinner in a month and this time, he had more fun with Alex's company. The two tots were walking up and down the stage, sharing the limelight with the bride and the groom.

He got a chance to pose with the bride and was only too eager to flash his cheeky smile...

(Face of bride have been blurred in respect of her privacy)

Even got to hold a professional photographer's SLR camera and view the pictures that were taken.

He definitely enjoyed himself at the wedding dinner, judging by his reluctance when it was time to leave with dh. For sure, I will want to schedule a PG soon for Alex and K to meet up in the next few weeks, since they both seem to enjoy one another's company. Especially since this sociable boy loves to be in the company of his toddler friends.

It was PG tuesday this morning, but it was more like a playdate, since we only had the company of Ben Yi and his mom, as the rest of the moms and tots could not make it today. K and his friend spend some time at water play, along with some snatching of toys, tugging and pulling of one another's t-shirts. The toddlers did not exactly got along the whole time, but I am quite sure K enjoyed Ben Yi's company.

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