November 18, 2008

Family time

Dh took some time off today to spend some family time with us and we had an enjoyable afternoon together. After a scrumptious lunch at Akashi Tanglin, we went into Kenko Fish Spa at Tanglin Shopping Centre, as dh was certain that K will be very thrilled to watch fishes nibbling the soles of his feet. I was not too keen to join in, since I did not enjoy my last experience at the fish spa. I much prefer scrubbing my own feet with feet exfoliator, than experience the strange sensation of fishes nibbling at my feet.

The fish spa experience kept K occupied for less than 10 mins, since he was quite thrilled by the fishes in the pool. After which he just wanted to leave the shop to "walk, walk".

Dh tells me that I should just come by in the late mornings to get a foot massage and bring K along. Sometimes I think Dh over-estimates his son and thinks that this 19 month old will be able to stay occupied and quiet somehow, while I get a 45 min pampering treat. Dh, how about trying it out one of these days? Then tell me whether it is possible to enjoy your massage and not be distracted by an active toddler.

I might get a pleasant surprise again and dh may not encounter any problem having a foot massage with a toddler in tow. The last time dh surprised me with a passport photo of K, when he brought K to the nearby mall to buy lunch back. Certain things just seem so effortless for fathers, while moms struggle to get the same things done

After dh's fish spa session, we sent K home for his afternoon nap and returned to Kenko for 90 mins of foot reflexology and shoulder and back massage. It was heavenly! The last time I had a foot massage was almost 1 and a half year ago. Dh and I used to frequent Kenko almost weekly. Now it's so hard to find any leisure time to do any of these sort of pampering activities.

In the evening, we went to the club to let K enjoy some water play, while dh spent some time at the golf driving range.

K loves water fountains and always exclaims loudly whenever he sees them in malls. I am hoping for good weather this coming friday as L and I have planned a playdate for Alex and K at IMM water fountain area.


Happy Xokoto said...

I certainly agree with what you said on "Certain things just seem so effortless for fathers, while moms struggle to get the same things done."

Kai simply refuses to sit on my lap when I carry him in the car (he also refuses the car seat unfortunately); but when it comes to his dad carrying him, he sits quietly on his lap without making a single noise!!!

Rachel said...

That's how smart and intuitive children are. They know whom they can take advantage of who will give in to them, and whom they cannot mess around with.