November 5, 2008

Art and the cooking craft

Dh was baby-sitting K last night and when I returned home, he showed me this pic that he took of K's chalkboard. He has gladly contributed to the chalkboard by drawing 3 more items that starts with the letter 'S'. According to his interpretation, the other letter S words are...

'Si Kuay' - Watermelon in Hokkien

'Sio Kway' - Roast Chicken in Hokkien

'Sio Su' - Want to bet? in Hokkien (although I question if it is even necessary for a toddler to be learning about making 'deals' with people).

Dh is quite original with his methods of educating K and he is definitely a better artiste than I am. Well, for sure K will get to learn some of his dialect roots from him.

As for my latest 'craft pursuit' these few weeks, I created this Pizza learning activity for pre-schoolers to learn numeration, counting and matching. The crust is made of recycled cardboard from a box that I got from the deep-fryer. The various toppings of cheese, onions, salami, mushrooms and tomatoes were cut-outs from coloured felt.

Some of these toppings are not very good depictions of the real thing; the onions ended up looking a little like calamari rings, and in real life, no one leaves the green stems on the tomato.

This is my version of the homemade pizza. Unfortunately, I don't have any interest in cooking, unlike other mummies who are able to post delicious pictures and share recipes of their gourmet creations.

Maybe it is time to seek tutelage from the grand mistress of her kitchen, K's Nana, since K is starting to show signs of boredom with my recipes.


Brendan Chiang said...

So talented!! Pls make one and send it our way... :)

KoLe said...

very creative AND educational!
kudos to your hb for his originality.

must show more of his creativity ok

Rachel said...

If I can find to the time to make another took me almost 2 weeks to complete a pizza. It's pretty hard work.

I have given my hb the role of creative director for K's chalkboard. But he probably needs some boundaries on what he can draw on the board :)