November 25, 2008

20 months

K turned 20 months last week. He is starting to express himself more efficiently, often surprising me with new words every other day. He loves to be read to every night before bed time, his recent favorite is 'The Ear Book' by Al Perkins, that has alot of sound effects.

K always makes sure that his toy Mickey is seated in front of the book and he will attempt to read the book Mickey. He will make relevant sounds effects on cue from each page.
He gets absolutely thrilled by his ability to blow off lighted candles from the birthday cake, which he recently demonstrated at Uncle Nick's and dh's birthday celebration.

The fussy eater surfaces once in a while, usually during meal times at home or Nana's house. He never seems to have any problem finishing all his food when we are out eating. I am still rather puzzled by that.

He chooses to sign to indicate that he prefers to be carried than walk by himself. I often get arm-aches after carrying him for a few minutes, as this toddler is getting really heavy.

He will rather be carried,walk or run but not sit in the stroller, the stroller has been relegated to being a push trolley for bags and other stuff.

Once in a blue moon, he turns into a cranky and difficult toddler. I am starting to see little glimpses of the terrible two's behaviour...still keeping my fingers tightly crossed that terrific two's will show himself most of the other times.


Tin said...

Hi, K looks big for his age compared to mine... sigh!

As for finishing his food outside, could outside food taste better becos' of the MSG??? At least he finishes his meal, I have to struggle with Kai for all his meals... and I'm becoming more and more impatient!

Rachel said...

Tin, K looks big? I have been really worried that he is not growing tall enough for his age.

You are right, food outside does tastes better with the MSG. Hopefully he gets over his fussy eater stage soon.

I notice that this fussy eating problem happens to alot of friends I know of with boys. The toddler girls hardly ever seem to have this problem with food.

Tin said...

Hi, I really have a hard time with Kai for all his meals... even my recent new dish doesn't work

That was my first serious attempt in the kitchen... quite eventful..haha

Can you share what you gave K for his meals?? Thanks a lot!

Rachel said...

Tin - K loves soup and noodles, however most other times, he usually eat rice and soup, with whatever I get the helper to prepare for our family meals.

For every meal, K will have soup, as he loves soup. Cantonese chicken soup, lotus soup, winter melon soup, ABC soup etc, all with less salt. Generally we have rather bland taste buds at home, so food will only be lightly salted.

Use to give him alot of steam fish; grouper, panfried threadfin or blk promfet and tofu with minced pork. But I stopped recently as I suspect he is quite sick of fish and tofu dishes.

He has recently acquired a taste for vegetables; brocolli, kailan, chinese cabbage, but only the stems.

Sometimes, K gets to eat one dish meals like fish noodles, fried rice, hong kong soup noodles, marcaroni, beef spagetti.

So generally, K has a fairly large variety of food and I try to watch the salt intake, but he is still fussy (sigh...)