October 13, 2008

Stuck on trucks

Recently discovered a gem of a collection of preschooler's books at Bukit Panjang Community Library when I was there last week to borrow a book for the upcoming playgroup for Tuesday.

My only gripe about the children's section of the library is the organisation. It is almost impossible to locate any book from the shelves, even with the details of the book from the NLB website. I shortlisted 3 books from the library's website but could not even locate one. I then spent half an hour trying to locate the books from the shelves, then finally settled for a quick scan for interesting titles.

K is into trucks recently. His interest started from a page from this book; Richard Scarry's Biggest Word book.

Last week, I brought K near a garbage truck for a total sensory experience. I was trying to hold my breath in while trying to explain to K at the same time. However the smell did not seem to bother him very much, as he was more interested to see what was going on with the garbage truck.

He has been asking me to read this book which I borrowed from the library; Truck Stuck by Sallie Wolf, for a few nights in a row. It is about a truck that gets stuck under a bridge and causes a terrible traffic jam that soon turns into a block party. When attempts to remove the truck fail, two kids, some balloons, and a dog save the day. Love the little text, rhyme and clever illustrations in the book.

Got this other book for him on tools. After when he saw Keith hammering his chalkboard into the wall, he seemed rather interested in Keith's toolbox.

I am so glad that he is finally able stay attentive to a book being read to him from start to finish. For a while, I was concerned about his short attention span. Guess it does make a difference when the activities that are 'K-centred' rather than 'mummy-directed'.

Been trying to teach him the concepts of numbers lately. Rather than letting him learn rote counting, we have started counting the different types of trucks while we spot them while in the car. Also introduced categorisation from the different types of trucks that we see. From dump trucks, pick up trucks, mixer trucks to trailer trucks and we get extremely excited when we see an automobile truck.

Got him these trucks to enhance his play activities:

Read that a child will not be able to re-enact play unless he has been exposed to real life experiences. Heard from EC lecturers that many children in Singapore will re-enact play according to the TV programmes, mostly through super-hero and cartoon characters. As most have very limited exposure to real life activities.

This is just my adaptation of a child centred home-based curriculum, so as to get K more involved and active in his own learning. My objective will be to expose him to as many experiences to real life activities as possible, so as to aid in his play experiences and learn how the world works.

Next, to find a construction site that we watch from a safe distance. So that K can watch the cranes and excavators at work.

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