October 7, 2008

Play is child's work

If there is one early childhood book that I will read from cover to cover, it will be this book 'Play at the Centre of the Curriculum.' It has changed my pre-conceived notions about the importance of play in children's lives and it hints to why this country is so lacking in creative individuals.

Play needs to be the centre of an ideal preschool curriculum, as key learning objectives can be embedded in spontaneous and guided play activities. All you need are teachers who have the knowledge on what is developmentally appropriate for the children, and have that genuine interest in the children's holistic development. And it helps if you have a government to have finally come to a realisation that primary school education needs to be developmentally appropriate for children.

I have that glimmer of hope that the transition between kindergarten and primary school will soon be painless for parents and their children. And that nurturance of the children's love for learning will continue to flourish when the child enters primary school.

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