October 10, 2008

K's DIY Chalkboard

Was recently inspired by the Artful Parent to create a DIY chalkboard for K. So I embarked on a frantic online search to find the all eluding chalkpaint paint. Just when I was beginning to lose all hope, I found this website http://www.estore.com.sg/

I opted for the low risk option of creating the chalkboard, instead of permanently committing to chalkboard on K's furniture. So I used this, RustOleum Specialty Magnetic latex primer as a base, applied about 3 coats of it before spraying on the chalkboard paint. This is suppose to be able to turn any surface into a magnetic board and both paints are non-toxic.


Then added 3 coats of the chalkboard spray. And I DIY-ed this Magnetic Chalkboard in about 3 hours...


Which Keith (who is also the artist behind the drawings), has helped put it up on the wall in K's room .

I don't see blackboards being used in schools nowadays. So without this, I think K will probably never get to experience writing on a chalkboard. Besides, this chalkboard can provide another surface besides the fridge for these magnetic letters and numbers.
It is quite amazing how much being a SAHM responsible for your child's development, can change a person. Ask me to create a DIY chalkboard 4 months ago and I would have probably scoff at that thought.


4MalMal said...

parenthood is a wonderful thing. It makes me do unusual things too :) That sounds like quite a lot of work. Will he be using normal chalks to write?

mummymeow said...

seems fun rach, u bring back memories of school days with chalk boards. i wish for be a small kid again. thanks for the comment u left for poppy. i am seeking more opinions and keeping my fingers crossed. Was in spore for 3 days, no time to do anything.

Rachel said...


Definitely agree with you on that :) It was tedious but sure gave me a sense of accomplishment when I completed it.

Got some chalks from Crayola - seems to be less dusty than the other types

Rachel said...

Sarah - Really hope that Poppy will get well soon.

Did not managed to do any shopping while u were in spore? Are u still working long hours at work? Try to spend more time w hubby and cats if you can.

Joyce Long said...

That is really a intelligent pcs of work...I love your ideas..very original..

Rachel said...

Joyce - can't say that these ideas are original :) I usually surf for ideas online and then adapt according to my interest and K's needs.

I am also thinking of creating a felt board for shape pictures. But hesitating, cos it will take alot of effort on my end. Might be easier to buy off the shelf.