October 25, 2008

Just give him water and puffy paints

Water play is one of K's favorite activity. Just 1 measuring cup and 2 plastic cups is enough to keep him occupied for at least half an hour. Great for the development of his fine motor skills and self- control.

I noticed that K has been quite obsessed lately with squeezing his body moisturiser out of its tube, so I made him some puffy paints. I got 4 squeezy bottles from Daiso, filled it up with 1/2 cup of flour, about slightly less than half a cup of water and a few blobs of washable crayola paint.

Made pastel colours of yellow, green, blue and pink...

And K was so thrilled by his new art experience, that he made these expressions when asked to pose for the camera...

Puff Paints expressions

He was quite amused when the squeezy bottles started creating some rude noises, seems like he is quite into slapstick humour like his dad...

K's puffy paint art

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