September 2, 2008

My babies

I ran out of patience and could not wait for the P85 digital keyboard to arrive in October. In a moment of weakness, I committed more money for a better set; the YAMAHA Clarinova CLP 320. So much for being the 'voice of reason' the last time. This time round, I convinced myself with these reasons;

1. This week will be the most apt to get the keyboard delivered, since I will have the time to play the keyboard

2. My schedule in October will be too tight since I will be starting my programme in Edelweiss kindy and will not have the time to explore the equipment

3. The dark rosewood colour of the keyboard will look better with the furniture in the hall, rather than the stark black shade of the P85

4. The digital photo frame, and a few other photo frames need a new home, and the space on top of the Clarinova is wide enough to double up as a mantlepiece. Unfortunately (ahem), the photo frames cannot be place on top of the P85, since it is so small and portable.

5. Most importantly, Kyle's music appreciation experience has to start asap, I am wasting precious time to have to wait for 2 more months for the P85 to arrive.

So I had to get the Clarinova. This 'baby' will be arriving this Thursday morning, can't wait...

As for my real baby, Kyle the toddler. He will be approaching 18 months in about half a month's time, and I am amazed by his language development versus a month ago. He is now able to pronounce more words, a far cry from the barely audible language attempts during the last few months. Although 'NO' seems to be the most frequently used word.

(turn on the volume for the full experience)

After church on Sunday, while we were outside the 2nd floor of Carrefour. Kyle pointed to the Barney kiddy ride and wanted to steer the steering wheel. Keith put put a coin in to start the ride, and my comment to Keith was, 'Don't bother to put money in, he usually will want to get out of the ride when the thing starts moving.' To my surprise, Kyle actually started turning the steering wheel and was utterly thrilled by his first moving kiddy ride. He has finally conquered his fear of a moving kiddy ride!

We went to the Jacob Ballas children's playground this morning and introduce Kyle to sand. Once again, he seem disgusted with the texture of sand and kept casting wistful glances at the water fountain area. No matter how I encouraged and showed him how much fun I was playing with the sand, he was not convinced and shook his head. (Note to self : Remember to buy sand to fill his water/sand table). Maybe the environment at home will be more conducive for his next sand 'encounter'.

We ended up spending the next 40 mins at the fountain area. He had a whale of a time at the water fountain. Didn't seem to mind the water on his head, although I still don't understand why he is always so irate when we try to wash his hair when he take his bath, despite Bel or me telling him to close his eye when his head is under the light shower.

When we got home, he refused to take his nap, which is rather often these couple of weeks. So he ended up blowing bubbles with dad. Capturing such moments of the two of them together are truly priceless...

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