September 15, 2008

Ma-ma, bubbles and art

These words were said to me this evening, 'Night...Ma-ma.' It was right after I said his bedtime prayer, kissed him on his forehead and said 'Goodnight.' He deliberately removed the milk bottle teat from his mouth, said those words, then put his bottle back into his mouth.

Sigh...such loving words to hear from my little boy, who have spent the last 6 months calling me 'Ta-ta'. Keith and I have came to a conclusion 'Ta-ta' was a sort of acknowledgement like 'Hey you' or 'Aye'. For a past few months, I was content to be reduced to a mere 'Ta-ta', while Keith gloated in Kyle's many variations of 'Da-da'. 'Pa-pa' and 'Dad-dad'. Every one whom Kyle is close to has a proper name. Even Kyle calls my helper 'tee' (for auntie) or 'bel'.

As for his choice of play materials. He does not have much affinity for train sets or toy vehicles, really not atypical for his gender. Little interest in pretend play as well, although he likes to use the cups from the cooking set and he gives me the other cup. Then exclaims 'cheers' very loudly when his cup meets mine for a toast and proceeds to 'drink' with gusto. He loves his golf clubs, tennis and hitting and throwing balls, even play dough is used as a golf ball.

Kyle surprised me with his attention span this morning; a full 45 minutes spent blowing and bursting bubbles. Kyle spends most of his time in the mornings blowing bubbles, painting, scribbling with crayons or play dough, playing at his water table, depending on his interest for that day.

He tried brocolli 'tree' printing today and he seems to have gotten over the uneasiness of having paint all over his fingers.

and he painted this:

This printing activity was suppose to be part of introducing the letter 'T', however mommy could not find the time to complete the felt letter T this week and plan the other activities for the letter 'T'. Besides Kyle seems so busy with all his other interests, so I have decided that we will take a short break from LetterWeek activities.

Last week, he painted this. He often looks at his creation (which has been put up on the fridge), claps his hands and makes the happy birthday song gestures. Maybe it does look like a multi-coloured birthday cake with lighted candles in an abstract way.

I will be trying out some other more open-ended art activities for him to explore textures and colours soon, since he seems to enjoy doing art. I intend to go slow in introducing him new activities that will get his hands dirty, don't wish to turn him off the messiness of art so soon.

He asked to try on Keith's and my sunglasses while we were in the car on Sunday,

i) Sport golfer style with Keith's Oakleys

and ii) Metrosexual chic with my Raybans

He is getting a little more adventurous lately, which reminds me that I might be able to try to convince him to wear his art smock the next time when he does art.

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