September 15, 2008

Kyle's Happy Birthday

Kyle will be 18 months on the 17 of Sept, which incidentally, is my birthday. We had early celebrations at Nana's place, and like usual, everyone's birthday is also Kyle's birthday. Grand-dad and Nana sang him a birthday song with a candle on a burger and he got another birthday song, right after everyone sang a birthday song for me.

Love that look of anticipation on his face while we were singing his 'birthday' song. He always asks for me to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song and it has to be complete with the action of blowing out the candle and clapping, right after the song ends.

One more birthday song for Kyle from Rachel T on Vimeo.


mummymeow said...

Oh, let me be the first online to wish you and baby a happy birthday! cos knowing me, i might forget to do it on 17th cos i am away...

u gave birth on your birthday? so special! double celebration in hospital.

Rachel said...

No la. Kyle is born on 17 Mar - he turns 18 months on Wednesday.

Oh are you going for another geneva trip?

mummymeow said...

Oh ya hor, read it wrong. Dumb of me.
Too much work already.

No, not going. Apparently won't get to go anymore. Only country managers. But it's alright for me. U know me. I am such a sour puss traveler. Hahah!