September 22, 2008

Bored toddler with the bug

Kyle is down with the flu (again). This time round I am the culprit as likely the bug was caught from my recent visit to a student care centre last Thursday. I curbed the bug from 'flourishing' when I took some vitamin C when I started to experience some sniffles, however that did not stop it from infecting Kyle. Sigh, I wonder what can be done to prevent spreading those germs to him? Maybe taking daily doses of Vitamin C will reduce instances of becoming a 'carrier'?

I really pity those mothers that have to put their kids in a childcare and the stress that they have to undergo, worrying for and taking care of a child that is ill. For some working mothers, the childcare option is the only choice available, especially when domestic help is so unreliable nowadays. Some of these childcare centres are breeding grounds for infections and it will take a child with extremely high immunity not to fall victim to these infections.

Lately, my mom has been telling me to put Kyle in school. Just because he seems extremely restless and bored during those hours that he is at mom's place, when I have something to attend to. He often gives me that certain look when I have to leave for my lessons in the evenings or morning appointments, begrudginging waves goodbye while not looking at my direction.

Most mornings when I am at home with Kyle, we usually spend our time playing dough, bubbles, ball, reading, doing art..etc. And he seems content and not at all restless. It is simply not possible to ask for an alternate caregiver to keep the toddler busy with the same sort of activities.

I suppose toddlers this generation are demanding more attention and craving for more activities that will hold their interest. So unlike kids from my generation, when a simple toy set can keep us busy for hours and mom can just attend to her chores or take a breather by watching tv programmes. Must be due to the Omega 3 pills that mothers consume during their pregnancy.

Anyhow, the preschool hunt starts this week. I initially thought of putting Kyle in preschool only when he turns 3 in 2010. However, looking at the tight commitments that I will need to manage in his first week of school (which is also the start of my 1st week of my practicum), I have decided that he should start school when he is 2 and a half, in Q3 2009. So being a k.s. parent, the search has to start now.

Next up, a run down of my first preschool review : Arise Kindergarten at Hindhede Road.


mummymeow said...

Wow, u really plan ahead.

Oh dear, before u know it, he's leaving for college and then getting married.

Time does fly...

I think yeap, children now are a lot more demanding, highly inquisitive and intelligent. It's also in their infant formula, all those ingredient to stimulate their mind. Yes, no?

did u know jt is pregnant?

Pasifik said...

Great article!

Keep posting,


Rachel said...

When it comes to everything else I procrastinate. But its amazing how a little fella can keep me motivated to be so proactive.

Heard from ronald and betty about jt's pregnancy. Hope she is not as workaholic as previously, cos read some articles that the bb will be quite fussy and difficult to manage when the mom is stressed up during pregnancy.

mummymeow said...

oh dear, i guess then jt will have a tough time with the baby. she's due in november....