September 28, 2008

Back with a vengeance

K has recovered and is back with a vengeance. He has regained his healthy appetite and astounds me with how much he can eat...just this afternoon, he finished half of my japanese hotpot soup. I guess this mum is really hard to please; I get all worried when he does not eat enough and start to fret if he eats too much.

Soup tod

18 months seem to have opened up a vocabulary spurt. For the past one week, he has said plenty of new words and I am usually bowled over when I those words that he hasn't been taught before. One of which is 'chocolate'; the other three syllabus word apart from "umbrella'. It is interesting how he is able to recognise 'chocolate' in its different permutations; ice cream, bar, ferrero roche, cake. cookie and brownie.

His antics are getting quite amusing. Last night at dinner, when we were served the chocolate lava cake for desert, he pointed to the cake and went "chocolate". Then I said, "Ok, I will let you try a little." He showed his delight and sniggered loudly with his hands covering his mouth, i.e., 偷笑, and his expression looks something like this :

K is getting to be a real helpful tod. He will close the sliding door when we ask him to :

And K's new flavour of the month? Introducing Zac (name after Zac Posen; Yiyi's one time celebrity crush for like 2 months) or otherwise known as Baby Mo-mo, Grand-dad's new addition to the family. With this adorable 3-month old sable-white shetland sheepdog in the house, looks like K is no more the baby of the family :)


CaLi said...
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Cali said...

FAIL la. Zac is named after Zachary Quinto (aka SYLAR) and Zac Efron. :)

Zac Posen is the US designer, the one that Nicho says he's named after... Altho we all know that he's named after MY PRETTY BOYS! :D

Rachel said...

Haha..that proves that I don't know the celebrities as well as you.

Can't help it, the name Zac Posen strikes a stronger chord with me vs Zac Efron. At least we know the former has more talent :P

mummymeow said...

That is a good shot of Kyle's scrunched up face!

And the pup is so cute. Cuddles!