August 7, 2008

Yiyi's Birthday

One of Kyle's favorite people, Yiyi, celebrated her

forever 21st birthday on 2nd August.

Kyle's favorite part of the (any) birthday celebration was to

help the birthday girl blow out the candles.

The little cherubic eating machine surprised me with

his voracious appetite and was independently feeding himself.

According to Kyle, the highlight of having a family celebration

at a seafood restaurant,

is getting out of his chair at least 4x that evening,

waving to the rest at the table each time,

before setting out for his next excursion to view the live seafood.

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mummymeow said...

Hi Rach! It's me Sarah from Malaysia. Wondering how u are and how's life. Saw ur blog and my, Kyle has grown so big! Keep in touch!