August 26, 2008

What Mr.17 months old is up to lately...

It's nice to get additional help at home

His repertoire of facial expressions - this is angry face

This is in response to "How you smile?"

This is his shocked face, it comes complete with a gasp

He has learn to blow bubbles by himself...

Pouting his lips in preparation to blow the bubble pipe

Blowing bubbles while standing up

More bubbles while seated

Some more bubbles while squatting. It amazes me how he is able to squat for relatively long periods.


Mamamie said...

Hi Rachel, chance upon ur blog. Hope u still remember me, I'm Amy from Monash Gippsland. Hope we can exchange ideas on motherhood in future!

Mockingbird said...

Wow your son is able to sweep the floor at 17-months old already ah? Mine was still walking wobbly when he was 17-mths old :)

Rachel said...

mockingbird - Kyle was an early walker, started walking at about 11months, he is now starting to learn to run. Not really sweeping :), but I usually encourage his attempts when he tries to help though.