August 31, 2008


Been hunting around for a play group for Kyle to attend when he turns 18 months. I think that he will need to socialise with other kids his age, and not have to be stuck with only Mommy playing with him most of the time in the mornings.

Checked out a few schools and there are only some that have a parent-accompanied programme, but classes are only held on Saturdays. Which is out of the question after the 'Gymboree experience'. The little boy started to show zero interest in the activities, right after I spent almost $400 signing up for a new term of classes. Anyhow, these classes do not do anything much besides helping him build his motor skills and allow him to socialise with the other kids. I suppose that's how it is with structured activities. Worse is when I have a spirited kid who does not relate well to the activities and hates to be cooped up in an air-conditioned room for 45 minutes.

Some of the classes I have checked out have pretty good programmes, but the location and the timing is just not convenient.
1. Wee care - a multi-sensory, learning through play programme, with classes only on Saturday mornings.
2. Busy buddies - a learning through play toddler programme for 18 - 30 months in Great World City. Not too keen on the environment, since kids stay in a room for 90 mins, I will probably end up with a very angry toddler.
3. Julia Gabriel - alot of socialisation, creative activities but I don't want to travel long distances. Don't have much of a choice when the kid hate long car rides.

(Note to self : the great preschool hunt has to start in a month's time and it has to be within 5 km from home.)

I want to be able to get together with other SAHM with their kids around Kyle's age. So I will attempt to look for interested members for a Playgroup for Jan - June 07 toddlers, SAHM moms in my area (not sure if there are any out there).

Afterall, what is the early childhood education knowledge for if I cannot help my own kid and some moms. Mothers are the best teachers for their child, and it does not take very much for a mom to be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and resources. Especially if you are a very hands-on mother.

The last quarter of this year will be really busy; I am starting my Jump into Music and Literacy programme at Edelweiss Kindy, on top of my research projects and attending classes on the weekday evenings, but I am looking forward to the challenge.


pc said...

hi there,
just drop by and wish you a success in your grouping of fun playdate:).

i totally agree that "Mothers are the best teachers for their child".

Rachel said...

Hi pc,

Thanks...I will be starting the playgroup end Sept. Really looking forward to it and hope it will be a success as well (fingers crossed).

Moms are prob the ones who will have endless amounts of patience and tenacity that does not seem to wear out, when it comes to dealing with their kids.

popuri said...

hi rachel,

came across your blog while trying to look for a playgroup for my 21mth old kiddo. Coincidentally I also reviewed GUG, Julia Gabs, Pat school house etc. I have a few others on hand, Montessori and My musical Chambers. Was wondering if you found any playgroup for Kyle so far? I'm also a SAHM and live in the West. Keen to connect? where are you located?
feel free to visit my son's blog: